I’m Laura, a self proclaimed macaroni cheese connoisseur and lover of all things pineapple. I’m 24, although like the rest of the population I still feel about 18, and I’ve recently moved to Manchester city centre from the Hotel of Mum & Dad.

After graduating back in 2014, I began looking for placements and job hunting. It was during my time on the placement scene that I started this blog, because honestly, I thought it might sound good in interviews, and if nothing else it would give me something to fill my post-uni time with.

While I didn’t always know what I was doing or where this space was headed, I always wanted it to be a place of honesty and a documentation of real life. Not glossy, filtered life… but “I just face planted in the middle of town because I’m a clumsy idiot” life. Y’know? I’m by no means a beauty expert, nor do I claim to be – I’m just a regular girl giving reviews and discussing life from my perspective.

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