The Little Things

little things countryside nature walks mindful mindfulness

It’s not the grand gestures, or the life changing events, it’s the teeny little everyday stuff that matters.

It’s the kiss on the forehead after a stressful day. It’s the perfect cup of tea you remembered to drink before it went cold. It’s the freshly washed bedding paired with smooth, Sunday night legs.

It’s discovering the entire catalogue of your favourite programme has been added to Netflix. It’s the cold air hitting your face after a long day in the office.

It’s trying out a new hairstyle and receiving compliments.

It’s discovering a new favourite, or rediscovering forgotten ones.

It’s remembering the lunch you prepared the day before.

It’s a long catch up with an old friend over a brew.

It’s getting to the edge of a new candle before you need to blow it out in time for bed.

It’s plowing through your to-do list faster than you thought possible.

It’s the feeling of relief when the meal you spent 2 hours preparing is actually as delicious as you’d hoped.

It’s unexpected texts that let you know they were thinking of you.

It’s the Primark bargain that looks as if it cost triple the price.

It’s the moment you finally put up your feet after a busy day.

It’s the book you couldn’t put down, it’s the drugstore beauty discovery you can’t believe is so great, it’s the slippers that stop your feet from feeling the cold bathroom floor at 7am.

It’s the little things. The everyday, insignificant moments that truly make you happy. And when you stop, and sit back, and take a second to really notice the joy in every day, that’s when you’ll feel truly happy.

Happiness is all around us. It’s in the inside jokes, the lazy afternoons, the extra bit of butter on your crumpets.

It’s in the first whiff of a morning coffee, in the warmth of a full bath, in the sound of the local busker.

It’s the little things, we just have to remember to notice them.