Slimming World: 1 Month Back On Plan

one month back on slimming world weight loss extra easy

It’s been exactly a month now since I dusted the biscuit crumbs from my pyjamas, left the indulgence of December behind and began following the Slimming World plan again.

It’s been a tough month I’ll admit – January seems to have lasted F O R E V E R, it’s freezing cold, and the last thing I want to do is start cooking from scratch when I get home at night.

But I’ve made it though, and I have 3.5lb less fat to show for it.

It’s not the biggest loss, I know. Some people would easily lose that in a week – but I’m a slow loser, always have been due to my 4″11 stature. I’ve had cheat days. In fact I’ve had 15 of them, so I’m not even sure I can claim to have been back on plan for a month – whoops 😂. I’ve had days all I’ve wanted to do is grab something quick, easy and oven cook-able, and I’ve done just that. I’ve also had days where I’ve been super motivated, spent my evenings browsing slimming world related hashtags, and having to stop myself from ordering a whole new wardrobe, 2 dress sizes smaller in preparation for my soon to be slimmer bod.

I’ve made a few new discoveries – halo top ice cream, delicious although practically impossible to get hold of; hi-fi bars, rocky road are a current fave; a Slimming World friendly carbonara that didn’t make me want to cry from feeling so deprived of flavour; and a whole instagram community of supportive women with the same goals as myself.

I went to Nando’s and stayed on plan. (I also went twice and didn’t stick to plan, but we’ll skim over that). I resisted the delights of Manchester’s Northern quarter and only bought lunch out once in the whole of January, and I made a spag Bol from scratch when Danny was offering to buy me a Papa John’s.

I’ve lost 3.5lb, I could have done more, I could have been more motivated and disciplined… but I’m also cutting myself a bit of slack during the most miserable month. Besides, being on plan every day is what February is for… well, we shall see!