Introducing Me

Hi, I’m Laura. Although I’ve been writing this blog for over 3 years now and some of you may have been following me for a good chunk of that, you probably don’t really know too much about me.

I’m not a very private person, ask me nicely and I’ll more than gladly tell you what colour my snot is during each stage of my head cold, or when the last time I bothered to shave my legs was. Yet somehow, despite this blog being my own space to share my thoughts, I don’t put myself across all too much.

Up to now, I’ve not really been confident enough to take ‘blogger’ style photos in the backstreets of the city, and that’s something I think often makes my online presence a little faceless.

So I’m Laura, nice to meet you.

I’m 24, I used to think I had a baby face but recently the supermarkets have stopped ID’ing me when I buy blossom hill. The strawberry rosé one is my favourite, and yes I’m aware that makes me a lot less than classy.

I’m really short, less than 5 foot, which is quite an inconvenience to life – supermarket shelves, office cupboards and the top shelf of the fridge being regular places I need assistance with. Finding clothes to fit is a struggle, as is coming to terms with the fact I don’t need to eat as much as my taller friends because physically I just don’t use the same amount of energy just existing. Sigh.

Food, that’s a big love of mine. I love burgers, I love cheesy chips, pizza and cinnamon rolls. I love potato scollops, macaroni cheese, garlic bread. I love pineapple, and strawberries with meringue and greek yoghurt. I love eating carbs until I need a nap, although I’m learning more recently that it’s not the best idea at lunchtime with a full afternoon of work ahead of me.

I’m clumsy, excessively so, almost a caricature of myself some days. I can’t carry a cup of tea without spilling it, I can’t walk across the office without tripping, and my laptop has had three drinks spilt on it but is somehow living to tell the tale.

I’m lazy. I live for weekends with no plans – the kind of weekends made for Netflix, duvets, brunch and naps. I’m at a stage in life where I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever not hit snooze, maybe it’s who I am as a person now?

I love browsing homes I’ll never own on Pinterest, there’s something so millennial about torturing yourself like that isn’t there? See also: looking at fitness models on Instagram and watching youtube videos about minimalism.

I love murder documentaries in a way that I’m certain terrifies my boyfriend, I love writing without a plan. I love sunbathing, getting complimented on a perfume that didn’t cost much, that super cosy relaxed feeling between being awake and asleep. I love really cosy jumpers first thing in the morning, bullet journalling, Sainsbury’s homeware which is surprisingly great.

I’m Laura, nice to meet you.