On Doing More

A new year always seems to come hand in hand with reflection for the majority of us, reflection which is more often than not focused on doing less.

On eating less, being less messy, less unorganised, consuming less alcohol, less cigarettes, less tv, less social media, less chocolate.

Reducing, giving up, having less, doing less, being less.

But this year I want to do more. I want to be more.

I want more spontaneous plans with my friends. I want to do more kind gestures, however small. I want more countryside walks. More laughter. More great food. More travel.

I want more empty weekends, to unfold in front of me however I like. More home cooking. More fluffy socks for cold mornings. More plants in my home.

I want to dedicate more time to finding the joy in the little things, to appreciate what I have more.

I want more hot chocolates with marshmallows and cream. More Netflix binging. More curling up in my favourite blankets when the rain is pouring outside.

I want to get up earlier, more often. Light my favourite candles more often. Switch off my screens to be more mindful, more often.

I want to be present in the moment more. I want to be more kind, more understanding, more calm. I want to spend more time on the things I’m passionate about, spend more time with the people I care for most.

More pancakes, more reading, more warm baths complete with full body moisturising afterwards. More calligraphy practice. More record playing. More meaningful conversations. More staying in touch. More photographs of happy moments. More self care, more joy, more contentment.

This year I’m focusing on more.