My hopes & dreams for 2018

2018 new year goals hopes dreams

New year, new me? We’re already a week into 2018, so without further ado here are some hopes I have for the year ahead, so I can be my best self/rule the world.

  • To learn how to park my car in a way that is 10000% less embarrassing than the way I currently do it
  • To actually manage to prise myself away from my phone long enough to get more than 5 hours sleep
  • For somebody to invent calorie free burgers, chocolate bars, cakes and pizzas so I can proceed with my weight loss journey whilst staying true to the greedy bitch I truly am
  • For Winston the Labrador to stop eating my shoes, socks and pyjamas because tbh it’s becoming a vvv expensive habit of his
  • For my orthodontist to stop putting ‘please can Laura be excused from school’ at the bottom of my appointment slips when I am in actual fact 24 years old
  • For my Teen Mom recordings stop mysteriously disappearing from the sky box
  • For all my favourite brands to suddenly decide they absolutely¬†need to work with a mediocre, amateur blogger with less than 2k followers because TBH, my bank account could do with a break from buying beauty and skincare products…. being a girl is EXPENSIVE yo
  • To stop falling asleep at 8pm every single Friday night like an 80 year old*
  • For the (approximate) 364 google searches per year I do on how to care for plants to actually have an effect on the lifespan of my plants
  • To learn how to carry hot drinks/talk whilst holding hot drinks/be in the vicinity of hot drinks without spilling them
  • Become one of those people who always has fresh flowers in their house
  • Also become one of those people who remove nail varnish from their toes instead of letting it flake off piece by piece over the course of 3 months
  • Also become one of those people who uses body butter and hand cream

*probably offensive to 80 year olds