New Year, New Bullet Journal

The fact that the last page of my 2017 bullet journal runs out on the last week of December makes me vvvvv happy in a way that only fellow stationery lovers/planner lovers/super geeks will understand – and as you can imagine I’ve been planning my 2018 journal for several days weeks now.

If you read my mistakes I made in my first bullet journal post you’ll know it was very much my trial journal. There’s a lot of things I want to do differently in my next one, especially when it comes to all the collections I wanted to include.

Anyway, after a lot of planning, a lot of evenings spent trying to nail brush lettering, and a lot of neck ache from leaning over the dining table to sketch out various titles and grids, my 2018 bullet journal is finally finished and ready for the new year.

The things I’m tracking this year include my weight/measurements, things I’m saving for, my bills (boring), my mood every day of the year (I just think it’ll be nice to look back on/have to see if I need to make any changes), appointments, parcels I’m waiting for, a general wish list, a fashion wish list, podcasts to listen to, books to read, things to watch, a tv series tracker, blog ideas, blog/insta/DA stats, and also recipes, my 2018 goals, highlights from 2018, and things I’ve learnt throughout the year.

I’ve included a lot of collections, which some people may find excessive, but I love using my journal to keep track of things that would otherwise be whizzing round my brain and making me feel overwhelmed and stressed. Aint nobody need to feel stressed about where they’re up to with their favourite tv series’, right????

I hope it might give you some inspiration, hence this post, but even if you’re all like ‘nah hun, it’s shit’, I still wanted to photograph and put it on the blog because I’m actually vvvvvv proud of it.

So here’s several more photos, in case you care.