My Three Favourite Slimming World Meals

My favourite Slimming World meals all have one thing in common, and that thing is that they all fit perfectly into the category of “this tastes absolutely nothing like a Slimming World meal”.

I mean, I’m sure we’ve all stumbled across some pretty horrendous looking ‘food’ on the slimming world Instagram hashtag (and if you haven’t, this Daily Mail article rounds up a few of the most vile looking). From quark in everything to baking with 10 eggs and 1kg of sweetener, there are some pretty gross food experiments floating around the Slimming World universe.

But I am not about that life.

I’m doing Slimming World to try and lose the weight I’ve gained from absolutely loving food. So nope, no sir I will not eat disgusting things in the process. NOPE.

As I’ve come to discover, there are some preeeeetty tasty┬áSlimming World meals out there, so here are some of my favourites right now.

Pinch Of Nom 1 Syn Chicken Satay

(Or if you’re like me, 2 syns because I can’t resist a huge serving of this absolute beauty)
I’m sure some people will laugh and want to, I dunno, spit in my face or something when I say that this recipe is nicer than any takeaway chicken satay I’ve ever had. This is not a joke, it’s seriously the best satay I’ve had the glory of putting in my mouth. It tastes like pure, delicious, naughty goodness and it’s somehow only TWO syns. If ever I get that urge to go on a massive cheat binge and consume 20000 syns in a day, I make this for tea because it’s that good. You probably don’t believe me, but just try it.

Slimming World Beef Lasagne

As I mentioned before, a lot of people who follow slimming world seem to get some sick happiness from messing with recipes and making bread out of oats or scones from flour, egg and muller light yoghurt. That’s not really my jam, so I was a bit worried before I made this lasagne that the egg and yoghurt concoction in place of the bechamel sauce would be absolutely vile, to put it nicely.

Anyway, turns out it’s actually pretty nice, and the egg rises to give quite a thick layer of cheesy goodness to the top of the lasagne. It’s packed full of veg, so as long as you can resist serving a garlic baguette with it, it’s also p healthy.

Breakfast Tea

Not a recent love of mine, I’ve actually been partial to a breakfast tea long before I started Slimming World. (Fun fact: I have a real love for getting having breakfast foods for my tea, and puddings with meals earlier in the day. Once me and Danny did a ‘backwards’ day where we ate all our meals backwards. It involved pizza hut takeaway for breakfast and a fry up for tea and tbh, it was one of my favourite days ever).

Anyway breakfast tea is fab because one, its a fry up. Two, it’s breakfast for tea. These are the things I like to include in my breakfast tea: beans (free), hash browns (2 syns each), bacon (free), heck chicken sausages (1/2 syn each), egg (free), toast (hex B), and if I’m feeling extra funky, a couple of potato cakes (about 5 syns each).

I am aware this meal has ZERO vegetables but it is one of the greatest meals in existence, so tbh who cares.