15 Gift Ideas For Beauty Lovers

Halloween is finito, bonfire night has been and gone, we've officially hit mid November which can only mean one thing... it's finally acceptable to use the big C word (Christmas, that is!). I'm a huge lover of Christmas. The music, the food, the presents, the cosiness, the excitement of the whole season. I've actually been referred to as a Christmas Elf before, but I have a feeling that has less to do with a jolly disposition and more to do with my not-yet-5-foot height, if we're being honest.

I'm someone who loves to start planning Christmas gifts early. Usually because I need to plan financially, but also because I put a lot of pressure on myself to choose gifts people will love. The thought of leaving it until Christmas eve and doing a mad dash to Tesco for whatever is left on their shelves is the stuff of nightmares... I'd much rather spend Christmas week with my feet up, hot chocolate in hand, and ELF on the telly, thank you very much.

I've not seen too many gift guides floating about the internet yet, so in my (admittedly) quite early present hunt I've stumbled across some rather nice gifts. This is the first of 5 gift guides I'll be sharing on the blog this week, so sit back, grab a cuppa and hopefully I can help inspire your present hunt this year. 

1. NYX Lip Lingerie Vault, £65 

The thought of unwrapping a VAULT of lipstick on Christmas day makes me feel like my 5 year old self the year I unwrapped a much-sought after Furby. This NYX offering is much friendlier on the old purse strings than most makeup vaults (read: all), and the formula of the Lip Lingerie liquid lipsticks is perfect for the party season.

2. Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick Set, £20

There's more to this gift guide than liquid lips, I promise! Stila is a brand I've yet to try anything from but have heard very great things. I think this set would be lovely for someone who loves trying out new brands, in fact some of my favourite beauty staples were discovered through gifts!

3. Vita Liberata Tanning Gift Set, £25

We all know someone who loves to fake tan, whether it be your best mate, sister or niece. This tanning gift set comes with a tanning lotion, body blur body makeup, and a gold tanning mitt.

4. Ouai To Go Hair Gift Set, £22

If you haven't heard of Ouai (pronounced 'way' apparently), they're a luxury hair brand with products far more expensive than I'd usually buy. This gift set contains a wave spray, dry shampoo foam, hair oil and pack of hair bands.

5. BareMinerals Complexion Rescue Gift Set, £32

The BareMinerals Complexion Rescue Gel is one of the best products I've ever tried - everything from the consistency, finish and wear time is spot on. The product retails at around £28 by itself, so for £4 more you get a makeup brush and blusher. 

6. Too Faced Under The Kissletoe Gift Set, £22

More lipsticks... obviously I've got a gifting theme this year. I just feel like lipstick is such an easy gift, as long as you pay attention to the shades they wear then it's thoughtful, useful and pretty. The Too Faced Melted range got so much attention when it first launched, so this set is a great way to try out the different formulas and hopefully discover some new favourites.

7. The Balm Manizer Sisters Palette, £24

I received this for Christmas two years ago and absolutely adore it - the products are fab and I loved being able to try all three shades instead of picking just one if I'd have bought the full sizes. Mary Lou Manizer is a cult classic now, so if someone in your life loves their highlighter, this is the gift for them.

8. Charlotte Tilbury's Beauty Icons, £55

Anything from Charlotte Tilbury will always go down well with a beauty lover, but especially this set which features Charlotte's favourite products - including a moisturiser, mascara, foundation, lipstick and lip liner. It's on the more expensive end of the spectrum, but would be perfect for your girlfriend, wife or maybe even if you just feel like treating someone to something extra special this year.

9. Laura Mercier Sweet Temptations Bath Duet, £35

Every year I see this gift crop up in 'what I got for Christmas' posts, and rightly so. Most of us probably don't splash out on super fancy bath products all year round, so something like this is a perfect treat at Christmas. It contains a bath and body creme, plus a wooden dipper you know they'll be plastering all over Instagram in January.

10. Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Oil Holiday Edition, £49.50

I'm forever going on about how much I love this product, and it's perfect for this time of year when the weather is getting colder. I love the Christmassy design on the bottle, and you could always pair it with some of the other products to make a nice gift set.

11. Urban Decay Ultimate Basics Palette, £39.50

This Ultimate Basics palette contains everything you need to create a huge variety of looks, from a neutral everyday eye to a darker, smokier eye. I'm someone who doesn't suit too dark shades, so this is perfect for me!

12. StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaning Gadget, £39.99

Every makeup lover feels the dread as makeup brush washing day looms closer - it's such a boring but necessary task and this gadget makes it quick, easy, and even dries the brushes so you don't have to go without whilst they dry.

13. Urban Decay Little Liquid Vices set, £25

This liquid lipstick set contains four different shades - a mauve/nude pink, a 'brick rose', a deep berry shade and a rich red shade, which pretty much covers all bases.

14. Urban Decay The Ultimate Pair Lip Duo, £22

This lip duo contains one of Urban Decay's best selling lipsticks plus the matching lip liner. Lip kits are having a moment recently, and this is a great alternative to the liquid lip kits which can be quite drying.

15. Origins Mix and Mask Face Mask Set, £15

Last but not least, this Origins set is perfect for those of us who love a pamper. I received three mini Origins masks last Christmas and they've been very well loved, and a great way to try out a brand that tends to be on the pricier side for most of us.

Disclaimer: I know gift guides can be a bit *eye roll*, but everything I've included are things I would genuinely buy as gifts or for myself. Because let's be honest, no point putting stuff I wouldn't like in because A) honesty anyway, but also B) people might uses these guides as inspo for me!