23 Secret Santa Gifts They’ll Love

If you read Monday's beauty gift guide you'll know I'm diving head first into the Christmas spirit with 5 gift guides (granted, they were going to be 5 days in a row but LOL don't really know why I thought I was the kind of person who could daily blog, so now they're a bit more spread out, hope that's k).

Today's gift guide is all about the compulsory hell that is Secret Santa. I don't know about you, but every year I end up completely overthinking the whole thing, desperately trying to nail a gift for a random colleague that is neither arse lick-y or shit. So here's 23 gifts which will *fingers crossed* inspire you - whether you've drawn out your boss, best mate, the newbie, or (like me) YOU'RE the newbie and don't know anything about anyone outside of how they take their tea and whether they get cold easily . 


1. Alphabet Makeup Pouch, £6

It's not a scientific fact, but I reckon about 97.894% of all people I've *ever* met are obsessed with monogrammed stuff. This velvet makeup pouch is vvvvv Anthropologie-esque, but actually costs £6 from matalan.

2. Sass & Belle Gingerbread Mug, £9

Everybody loves a mug, right? This one is festive, cute, and I doubt anyone will hate it. Unless they hate mugs, but then you probably need to reassess who you surround yourself with. 

3. Lazy phone arm, £12

I bought one of these for Danny last year and no lie, he loves the thing. It has pride of place attached to the bed frame for hands-free youtube viewing before bed, and if you've drawn someone who's into tech/you have no idea what else to buy them, this is a p safe and useful option.

4. Pom Pom Socks, £6.99

Socks at Christmas can be a bit of an eye-roll type of gift, but if your person loves being cosy, these cute pom pom ones might actually be a nice gift. Plus you'll have some change to get them a box of chocolates or bottle of wine.

5. Chicken dinner plate, £8

I don't really know what to say about this. It's a Christmas dinner plate.

6. Wilko cosmetic mirror, £10

For the beauty enthusiast, this gift is perfect if you don't really know where to start with makeup shopping. It lights up for easier makeup application and will be great post-christmas for the dark winter mornings. Plus this is the cheapest I've ever seen a mirror like this for.

7. The Unicorn Cookbook, £10.99

The whole unicorn/mermaid trend really isn't my thing, but we all know someone who is obsessed with them. This cookbook is something a bit different, and contains everything from cupcakes to shortbread, pancakes and macarons. 

8. Phone selfie light, £9.99

Every workplace has a selfie lover, and this gift allows you to simultaneously mock them/gift something they'll love... because lets be honest, we all know the frustration of looking on point but having too crap lighting for a selfie.

9. Skinnydip Bath soak, £8.50

I bloody love me a gimmick, and this milk bottle shaped bath soak is what's been missing from my life. It's cute, would look good for the old insta grid, and hopefully smells a bit of alright.

10. Oliver Bonas ring holder, £5

One for the homeware lovers, this ring stand is vvvv cute and only a fiver. You'll probs get a few bonus points for going with Oliver Bonus, and it's a guaranteed non-offensive gift that p much everyone would love.

11. Wacom Bamboo Stylus, £6.25

If your office has any sort of creative/design/artwork department/you've drawn them in this year's secret santa, this will probably go down pretty well. It's a bit more personal than your standard mug/hand cream/bottle of wine gift, and it's genuinely useful, just make sure to get them something non-work related with your change to cover all bases.

I don't know about you, but I can't get enough of mugs. They're also a pretty failsafe secret santa gift because chances are your colleagues 1) drink some form of warm beverage throughout the day, and 2) can never find a clean mug in the shared stash. Here's a selection of my favourites in stores this year.

Tinkerbell mug, £9.99

G&Tea mug, £9,95

Vitamin Tea mug, £9.50

Mr Cool mug, £12

Hot shit mug, £9.95

Monogram mug, £8







18. This Works Dream Team set, £8.50

I feel like 2017 has been the year of self care, and it's finally become a bit cool to look after yourself. But when the Whatsapp group is buzzing away, Instagram needs scrolling, and a new twitter drama is going down every other day, it's not always easy to get in your 8 hours sleep. This set would be perfect for a fellow nap lover, or someone who's daily sleep struggles have become a daily topic of conversation over breakfast. 

19. Gold pineapple phone case, £8

Perfect for the girl who is forever breaking smashing her iphone, this gold phone case is simple, pretty and only £8.

20. Beard baubles, £12

Baubles, for their beard. Not much more to say really!

21. Avocado cookbook, £9.99

Avocados, recently known for stopping millennials from getting mortgages (next joke plz). There's usually someone who is obsessed with them, so this cookbook would probably come in v handy for them.

22. Slush maker cup, £10

We're definitely in the wrong season but, just a little story time, I actually bought Danny a slushie machine for Christmas about 3 years ago after we discovered how great a slush is for a hangover (life hacks from Laura, you're welcome). We became obsessed with it for about a month but in the end it was far too temperamental/messy/annoying to use, so it got dumped in a cupboard and eventually got caught up in one of his mum's regular tip runs. This slushy cup is much easier to use than a full blown machine, and if your secret santa is prone to a hangover they'll adore you for introducing them to the slushy hangover cure, promise.

23. Grippy phone grip, £8.50

One for the accident prone, this non-slip pad grips phones and stops them falling off surfaces. It will also hold glasses and a sat nav, so if they're really accident prone you might need to get them a few!

Disclaimer: I know gift guides can be a bit *eye roll*, but everything I've included are things I would genuinely buy as gifts or for myself. Because let's be honest, no point putting stuff I wouldn't like in because A) honesty anyway, but also B) people might uses these guides as inspo for me!