15 Gifts For Him That He (Hopefully) Won’t Hate

OKAY, I'm aware the title of this gift guide is quite ~negative vibes~ but let's be honest, men's gifts are usually V uninspiring, dull and make me very glad to be female. I mean, yes, periods and the pink tax and childbirth and everything else that often goes with being a girl is a bit shit... but despite drawing the short straw in life, we definitely get the better deal where Christmas is concerned.

Today I'm talking about gifts for the men in your life, my criteria for which has been "would my very fussy/diva boyfriend who hates 'boring' gifts appreciate this?".

Let's go...

1. Minimal watch, £25

This is only £25, so it'd be perfect for someone who's gift you don't go OTT for, and I feel like you can't really go wrong with a watch can you? It's classic, smart, and simple.


2. Herschel holdall, £70

My vvvv fussy boyfriend who hates receiving clothes as gifts bloody loves his holdall. I don't know if it's the practicality or the bag itself, but I'm assuming if a holdall is good enough for the world's biggest diva, then most men will appreciate a nice one too. This Herschel one is stylish but simple, looks like a decent size, and the brand has quite a good reputation so should be well made.


3. Bumble & Bumble gift set, £30

This gift set contains a thickening shampoo & conditioner, plus a holding wax. I reckon it'd make a nice little gift for someone, but *probs* best you only buy this for someone close as the 'thickening' part might cause offence, depending on the person!


4. Power Bank, £30

Phone batteries are so terrible these days, so this gift is vvvv handy and looks pretty smart too. It has two ports to charge two devices at once, and I *think* the 6000 mAh means you'll get a few charges out of it - plus he'll have no more 'phone died' excuses for ignoring your texts about putting some laundry on, winner!


5. Sega Mega Drive, £35

This is currently reduced to £35 in the Argos sale, which for a console is MENTAL. Yes, much more advanced games consoles now exist but just imagine the fun you could have on Christmas day with one of these bad boys, a few gins, and the family. It comes with 81 built in games, including Sonic and Mortal Kombat. 

6. Lenco record player, £120

I bought this for Danny last year and it went down vvvv well. It's nice and modern looking, produces a nice sound, and gives way to future record gifts. Heads up, it doesn't have built in speakers so you'll need to get some of those too - we have these ones which do the trick nicely.


7. Roberts Revival Radio, £219.99

I have no idea if any man would like this (maybe a sonos is a bit cooler?) but I'd definitely appreciate it - mainly because it would look nice on a sideboard. This one is in the shade dove grey, and apparently it has wifi internet radio, spotify, stations categorised by genre, and multi room wireless controls. Again, I have no idea if all that stuff is standard or swanky for a radio, but it looks cool and it's a gadget, so...


8. Vans trainers, £40

I reckon this would be a welcome gift for a brother, or a partner who appreciates a nice shoe. I love the tan colour, and they're currently reduced to £40, so even better.


9. Wireless headphones, £60

Another techy one because apparently I lack any originality... these wireless headphones are a matte blue colour, can collapse, and boast 5 hours of wireless play (is that good? who knows). These would be great for someone into their tech, as they don't break the bank, look pretty slick, and maybe you could create a spotify playlist to go alongside them... a modern day mixtape if you will?


10. Smartboy for android, £60

I've never heard of this before, so if the guy in your life is one of those already-owns-everything-ever types, this will probably go down pretty well. It essentially turns your phone into a gameboy and is compatible with gameboy and gameboy colour cartridges - so if you have any lurking in the loft now is the time to get your duster out.


11. Fixie bike pizza cutter, £15

Ahhh, a good old novelty gift. There's not much to say other than it's a pizza cutter, it's fun, who wouldn't love it?!

12. Hovering HD camera drone with VR headset, £100

One for the big kid in your life (or, y'know, an actual child), this camera drone comes with a VR headset to view where the drone has gone and I guess reduce the chances of losing it? (Speaking from actual "shit, OH SHIT, it's on the neighbour's roof" drone experience). It can live stream to your smartphone, do 360 flips/rotations, has three adjustable speeds and comes with a remote control. 

13. Bedside pocket, £17

Hands up who else would use this bedside pocket to store chocolate, and chocolate alone? 

14. Cheerz Instagram poster, from £15

I would never have considered buying a poster as a gift until someone I worked with bought their husband one of these. It looked SO good when it arrived and ever since I've thought it such a good present - especially if the images are meaningful ones. It's personal, looks great in your home, and is completely customisable. 

15. Leather & Thread coin tray, £24

You may remember me mentioning Leather & Thread in my independent businesses gift guide last year. They're a local small business who do beautiful handmade leather goods, and I actually had the pleasure of visiting the work shop last week to see the behind the scenes. This coin tray is the perfect size for loose change, and perhaps a watch or some keys. It's handmade and can be personalised to include their initials, as well as the option to remove the Leather & Thread branding. Other products that would make fab gifts include their wallets, belts and card holders, which you can find here.

Disclaimer: I know gift guides can be a bit *eye roll*, but everything I've included are things I would genuinely buy as gifts or for myself. Because let's be honest, no point putting stuff I wouldn't like in because A) honesty anyway, but also B) people might uses these guides as inspo for me!