A Few Recent Primark Buys

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I'm the first to admit what an absolute Primark fangirl I am, I just can't get enough of the place. As someone without much disposable income right now, Primark has become my go to for updating my autumn wardrobe and stocking up on basics. My closest store in Manchester is absolutely huge, so I visit a few times a month to scout out the latest pieces.

Over the past few weeks I've picked up some new bits and bobs I thought I'd share with you, not exactly a haul because LOLz I don't even have the ££££ to do a Primark haul right now, just a couple of things I've grabbed while I've been in store. (Honestly you have no idea the size of the Primark haul I'm going to do on my next payday... I'll be grabbing everything that takes my fancy without a calculator in sight. How dreamy.)

So anyway here are the bits I've treated myself to over the past month or so.

Memory foam slippers

I can't get enough of these slippers, they're honest to god some of the comfiest things I've ever owned. I go through a few pairs a year because I have vvv stinky feet (you definitely didn't need to know that, alas), but at £4 a pair I don't mind restocking every few months. There's loads of colours available, and they usually get some cable knit ones in around Christmas time too if you're feeling festive.

primark X Harry Potter

Like most Harry Potter fans, I was vvvvv excited when they announced their latest collab.

After managing to resist buying the whole collection, I picked up a pair of pyjamas, a nightie, and a cauldron mug (which has since been chipped by Danny's mum, I can't get a replacement as it's constantly sold out, and yes I am holding a grudge; she's getting coal for Christmas this year.)

The nightie is a particular highlight, I haven't worn one in years but it's so comfy and easy to just throw on over leggins if I'm lounging around the house.

Black & Gold Cross Body Bag

I *think* cross body is the name for this style of bag, but who knows. Anyway I spotted this bag on Instagram and just had to own it, it's £7 and perfect for days I don't need to carry much. I didn't actually own any smaller bags until this one, I'm really loving having something for just the essentials, and the gold detail really adds to my outfits, which are usually pretty plain.

Checked Blazer

Unless you've, I dunno, been grounded and had your phone confiscated and therefore deprived of all internet access, you'll know this style of blazer has been all over Instagram and the fashion blogs lately. I wasn't sure if it'd suit me, but after braving it (at £17 I suppose it's a potential mistake worth making) I fell in love with this jacket. It's perfect for throwing on with my jeans, when I want to look a bit 'effortlessly nice' on the weekend.

£6 Thin Knits

I first bought the pink jumper and loved it so much I went back for another colour. These jumpers are SO soft and comfy, the 3/4 length sleeves don't drown me like most sleeves (short girl probs), and they're super easy to throw on.

They're not too thick, which I love because I spend most of winter putting jumpers on only to spend the entire day sweating, especially if I have to walk anywhere with any sort of speed.

I have no idea how they wash so can't comment on that, but for £6 they're the perfect addition to my autumn wardrobe.

Burgundy Cord Skirt

When most people think of cord, they probably think back to a childhood pair of dungarees they were forced to wear. For me, it takes me back to my 14 year old self who became obsessed with a pair of blush pink cord jeans, also from Primark.

Ten years on, I'm back in Primark snapping up cord items that my friends will definitely pull their faces at, and my sister will no doubt say "you're not being seen with me in that". Anyway, my history with cord aside, this skirt adds a pop of colour to an outfit, and I love pairing it with a slogan tee, my check blazer, and a pair of chelsea boots.

Black Leather Skirt

Or faux-leather, should I say. I have yet to wear this skirt out of the house because, ahem, it will not fit over my gigantic arse after a few weeks off-plan eating every chocolate bar in sight. I absolutely love the zip details, and I can't wait to wear this with an embroidered shirt or slogan t-shirt. There's just something about skirts at this time of year I just love.

Blush Pink Bobble Hat

Is anyone else guilty of buying a new bobble hat every year? I get so excited for autumn (aka bonfire night) when I see them in store, I just can't resist. This one was only £2, it has yet to make its debut because the weather isn't *quite* bobble hat cold yet. I love the pink colour, and Primark have obviously upped their game as the bobble looks really real unlike the obviously fake one I got last year.

Those are the bits I've picked up from Primark recently. Have you been in lately? What did you get?