Exploring Altrincham Market

I've been meaning to pay a visit to Altricham Market ever since I returned from my trip to Amsterdam last year. It was on this trip I discovered De Foodhallen, a lively food hall with a huge range of cuisines all under one roof. I loved the atmosphere, as well as eating everything from burgers to Korean fried chicken to waffles smeared in Nutella, of course. Whilst Altrincham Market isn't quite as big and atmospheric as the Amsterdam versions (they have a DJ until 1am ffs), it has a character of it's own I've been meaning to sample for myself for a long time.

Last weekend, Danny and I *finally* got our bums in gear and went to the market as part of our sixth anniversary celebrations (I know... WHAT?!). 

Each Sunday of the month the market has a different theme, rotating between design, food, vintage and craft. We did have a slight mishap and end up at the wrong week (turns out they were counting Sunday the 8th as the first weekend in October), so it's worth double checking if you're travelling a long way or are super keen for a specific market.

The design market we ended up at was full of beautiful handmade goods, from leather wallets to avocado baby clothes, delicate jewellery to vegan brownies. I love looking around markets like this, but rarely ever buy anything because usually the items can be quite costly or just aren't to my taste. Saying that, there were some super cute I wish I'd seen them before a couple of my friends gave birth this year.

But the market house really was the star of the show. Different food vendors around the edge serving everything from steak to wood fired pizzas to beers and brunch, with communal tables in the middle. Danny went for a black pudding and poached egg brunch, while I had a wood fired margherita pizza - both absolutely delicious and really quick to arrive.

We probably spent the entire time in the market house drooling over everyone else's food... we've already made plans to come back for steak burgers and again for more brunch, this time with coffee. 

We stopped at Sam Joseph for some chocolate to take home with us, and then via Madame Francoise for Nutella crepes to finish off our little trip nicely.

I still can't believe we've never been to Altrincham Market before, it's practically on our doorstep and such a lovely way to spend an afternoon eating and drinking. 
Next time we'll make sure to go on the second weekend of the month for the food market, there's nothing I love more than sampling cheeses, wines, and buying brownies at a food market!

 Have you ever been to Altrincham Market? What did you think?