The Bobbi Brown Lipstick I’m Obsessed With

bobbi brown lipstick sandwash pink nude makeup beauty

Do you ever get a product you’ve heard nothing about, haven’t paid attention to before and quite frankly couldn’t care less about, only to fall absolutely head over heels in love with it to the point you cannot stop talking about it? Honestly, I’m not entirely sure the random woman on the train needed to know about my new favourite lipstick but alas, now she does.

I’ve only ever bought one Bobbi Brown product in my life and that product is their creamy corrector. Despite adoring that product for a long time, I still didn’t explore any other Bobbi Brown products and probably never would have. They’re just not a brand that would ever spring to mind when I was on the hunt for anything new, nor do I see much hype about them online from my favourite bloggers and youtubers.

So you can imagine how surprised I was when I stumbled into a new favourite.

Danny’s parents very kindly brought me a Bobbi Brown lipstick trio back from their holiday (I mentioned it in my New In August post), I wasn’t expecting a gift at all so I was really surprised and grateful.

I initially tried the three colours and formed some first impressions. Salmon 1; a pale orangey pink colour that doesn’t really suit my complexion. Pink 6; a bright pink I love despite being very ‘out there’ compared to my usual nude shades, and finally this lipstick, Sandwash Pink 22; a lovely nude pink that looked right up my street.

And then I tried it. And I was hooked.

The formula is lovely, I’d describe it as quite similar to my MAC satin lipsticks, but more comfortable to wear and with a slight bit more sheen. It really suits my skin tone, it lasts around 3/4 hours before it needs a top up, and I can’t feel it at all on my lips.

I really didn’t think I’d like this product as much as I do. Having never heard of it before, I thought it’d be something that sat in my collection, coming out on occasion. I didn’t for one minute think it’d join the likes of MAC’s Velvet Teddy, Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk, and Rimmel’s 03 in my lineup of favourite lipsticks.

I don’t wear makeup every day, but when I do this is the lipstick I’ve been reaching for. It’s such a lovely shade and formula, and I definitely want to check out more of the Bobbi Brown lipsticks when I can finally treat myself again!

Shop Bobbi Brown lipsticks here.