Behind The Scenes Beauty: My Favourite Cold Sore Treatment

beauty cold sore lotion treatment boots

Probably quite an odd title for a blog post, and to be honest I’d really rather I didn’t have a ‘favourite’ cold sore treatment. But alas, somewhere along the way in my 24 years of life I caught the cold sore virus and there’s nowt I can do about it!

If you suffer with cold sores you’ll know they’re pretty horrendous. Not only do they look a bit grim, making you feel self-conscious, they’re sore, hard to cover with makeup, and seem to come at the worst times. Feeling run down? Cold sore. Stressed? Cold sore. Enjoyed a day out in the sun? Here’s a cold sore as punishment.

They’re a bit of a bugger to deal with to be honest, something I’m not alone with… 50-80% of the population suffer with them! Over the years I’ve tried lots of different treatment, from Zovirax to an electronic cold sore machine. Short of going to the doctors to be prescribed medication, I’ve tried most cold sore treatments.

My favourite? (Still finding my use of the word ‘favourite’ a bit strange TBH)

The Boots own brand cold sore lotion. It costs £1.99 and lasts ages, so it’s definitely one of the more purse-friendly options out there. It’s a clear liquid, which is applied using cotton buds and means you don’t have to touch the cold sore nor do you have to deal with the stress of making sure a white cream is absorbed properly in public (or in private, if you still care what your boyfriend/girlfriend/family/snapchat friends think). It doesn’t have a particularly strong smell, it’s comfortable to apply, and often will severely reduce the cold sore’s life span. I always carry some of this in my handbag, as soon as I feel even the slightest tingle I’ll apply this lotion and most of the time it won’t ever develop into an actual sore.

Cold sores really aren’t a glam topic, but so many of us suffer with them. They can be embarrassing, or just a plain inconvenience when they crop up before a big event, which is why I wanted to share my little find with you in the hopes it helps someone else out!

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