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My current life situation involves A) a lot of budgeting and B) pretty much next to no new makeup purchases, so I decided to ‘shop the stash’ to try and re-discover some old favourites/new favourites/basically get excited about things I already own so I don’t cry over all the things I’m unable to own. Something like that anyway.

I also need to add that my current life situation also involves C) trying really hard but sort-of-failing at sticking to Slimming World (hence the lack of updates on that front recently), D) slowly trying to transform my boyfriend’s childhood bedroom into a space that I could actually take an Instagram photo of, and E) attempting to control the inner freak out that’s been brought on by all of my friends growing up, having babies, getting married and getting mortgages because, um, last time I checked WE ARE TOO YOUNG for that.

Anyway, onto the makeup.

When I moved out of my parents house, I had a huge clear out and became a teeny bit obsessed with chucking stuff out that I hadn’t used in a while. It was ruthlessness on steroids. In that time I haven’t gone too wild with makeup purchasing because bills and rent and trying to eat a diet more balanced than daily beans on toast can give.

But despite being super ruthless and narrowing down my collection, I’m often guilty of sticking to the same products on a daily basis. I have my trusty favourites that I rarely stray from, which means there are many products in my collection that probably feel a bit neglected. If makeup products had feelings they would, anyway.

shop the stash Max Factor face finity skin luminizer foundation primer beauty makeup

Here are the products I re-discovered when I took the time to really look through my stash…

Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer SPF 20

A lovely primer that gives foundation something to adhere to without drying out my skin or enhancing any less-than-perfect areas. It has a lovely finish and I really notice the difference in longevity of my foundation when I use this product. On a day to day basis I reach for my Soap & Glory Hocus Focus illuminator in place of a primer to really perk up my skin and give a gorgeous lit-from-within glow, but I do want to start using this Max Factor primer more regularly again – it’ll be perfect when I’m back in an office and need my foundation to last all day.

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Max Factor Skin Luminizer Foundation

I’m *pretty* sure this foundation is long past it’s best before date. I purchased it when I was going through a real foundation crisis and ended up buying about 5 different foundations just to find one that didn’t make my skin look like dehydrated rhino skin.

I haven’t used it in forever, but it’s exactly as I remember – it’s hydrating, gives a nice glow to the skin, but is quite thick in texture so can be awkward to apply. It’s a nice foundation, and one I want to get more use from (albeit maybe a new, in date bottle… whoops) but I think I’ll stick to using it in the evenings as it can be quite heavy and I don’t always want such a full coverage in the daytime.

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Nars Orgasm Cream Blush

I used to love a cream blush back in the day, first discovering them through ELF for about £3. I rarely reach for this Nars cream blush, which I think is mainly due to the fact it needs blending a bit more than a powder blush. Having said that, it blends out really nicely and leaves the skin glowing and radiant. I’m not sure why this blusher has been demoted to the bottom drawer, but I’m definitely going to be reaching for it more – it’s such a flattering colour and a lovely, hydrating formula.

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Benefit High Beam Highlighter

I don’t seem to have much luck with Benefit products. A lot of them don’t suit my skin, or the formulas don’t work for me – the mascaras in particular have left me with awful panda eyes in the past. As you can guess I’m now quite sceptical of Benefit products despite the cult status a lot of them have. This High Beam highlighter is the only Benefit product that hasn’t made it swiftly into the bin, but despite my decision to keep it, I haven’t reached for this highlighter in so long. It actually only has a 6 month shelf life so this is another product that is definitely out of date – my bad.

After re-discovering it thanks to this blog post, I’ve realised the reason why I never reach for it. It’s a pink toned highlighter, but it’s far too frosty for me and just doesn’t suit my skin tone at all. I felt super paranoid when I wore this to test, I felt like it wasn’t blended (even though it was) due to the shade. Sadly it’ll be yet another Benefit product making it’s way to the bin… maybe next time eh Benefit?!

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Rimmel by Kate Moss in shade 45 Nude

I remember the huge buzz when the nude Rimmel by Kate Moss lipsticks launched a few years back – I for one loved being told which shade would suit my skin tone in a time where nude lipsticks were everywhere (and all the choice made it super easy to get wrong!). I still adore this lipstick, it’s moisturising, suits my complexion, and I can apply it without a mirror unlike other shades in my collection. The formula is very hydrating, but unfortunately means it doesn’t last too long and I have to re-apply regularly. I’ve kept it in my collection for those days I don’t want to wear a matte lip, but I think it might be time to part ways because although it’s a lipstick I adore, it’s one I almost never reach for because it just doesn’t last as long as I personally need lipstick to.

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Rimmel Lip Liner in shade 47 Cappuccino

Lip liner is a product I can take or leave in my routine. I notice a difference in longevity when I wear it, but a lot of the time I just forget or am in too much of a rush to apply. This lipliner is a lovely brown shade which I bought a few years back when the 90s brown lip was having a bit of a comeback.

I don’t ever reach for it anymore, but I absolutely love how this lip liner can completely change the shade of lipstick it’s worn underneath. I used to pair it with the nude Rimmel Kate lipstick mentioned above and would always get compliments on the colour the two products created when worn together. I’m definitely going to reach for this next time I go out, it’s an old favourite and I’m so glad to rediscover it.

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Clarins Lip Comfort Oil

Unlike all the other products I’ve mentioned, this lip oil is a fairly recent addition to my makeup collection. I got it for Christmas after discovering it through Martha and instantly falling in love with it. It smells delicious, the formula isn’t too sticky like other glosses can be, it’s nourishing on the lips and perfect for those toned down days when I don’t want to wear a colour. I think I’m going to move this into my handbag to remind myself to use it more, it’s such a lovely product and a shame for it to be gathering dust on a shelf.

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OPI Barefoot In Barcelona Nail Polish

I have a few nail varnishes I just can’t bare to part with despite the fact I rarely paint my nails anymore. It doesn’t matter how neatly I paint them or how long I sit waiting for them to dry, I always manage to smudge them or wake up the next morning with dints in the polish from where I’ve tossed and turned in the night – hence my love of gel nails for instantly curing! Saying that, this OPI colour is such a perfect nude… it’s not too grey, not too beige, not too pink, it’s just lovely. The formula is wonderful and lasts longer than other nail polishes, but unfortunately I just can’t get normal polish to set properly before I ruin it. I have the Sensationail polish to gel kit, so I think I’m going to experiment a little with that and see if I can turn this gorgeous shade into a gel formula.

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