The Newsletters Landing In My Inbox

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll *probs* have noticed the recent spike in people starting newsletters. It’s almost become a bit of a cliche to start one, but I actually really enjoy a good newsletter – especially the ones that are a roundup of what the person has been enjoying. They’re short, easy to digest, and can really brighten up my day when they land amongst my other, more boring emails.

Like everything in life, there can be too much of a good thing. Subscribing to each and every newsletter would sort of defeat the object for me; they’d become something else clogging up my inbox, another chore that needs seeing to, so I like to keep my subscription list relatively short.

Colours & Carousels  /  Charlotte’s newsletters are packed with all things blog related. Each one usually has a theme, this month’s was all about understanding the basics of analytics. They’re always super easy to follow and very informative, I highly recommend signing up if blogging is a hobby of yours. Subscribe here.

Jimsy Jampots  / The newsletters from Amy are always some of my favourites. They always begin with a long thought piece, followed by links to things other people have done/written, things Amy has done/written, things she’s been enjoying and things she’s learnt that week (the newsletters are weekly and land on a Thursday). Every newsletter introduces me to something fab I wouldn’t have otherwise discovered, whether that be an article, video or piece of clothing. Subscribe here.

Katy Belle  /  Katy’s monthly newsletters are relatively new, with only two issues so far. Both issues have been a lovely roundup of blog posts Katy has written, things she’s loved, a feature piece on another blogger, plus music and style recommendations. If you’re not familiar with Katy, her blog is brilliant, her instagram is beautiful and she’s just generally the coolest. Subscribe here.

Death To Stock  /  Slightly different as this isn’t a blogger/beauty/lifestyle newsletter, but a photo subscription. Every month Death To Stock send out an email full of free photos, usually based around a particular theme. They’re free to use and distribute for the most part (but probably worth double checking the T&Cs beforehand), and are absolutely beautiful. Definitely worth subscribing to if you’re someone who uses stock photos a lot, as they’re a lot less cheesy and far more artistic than most stock imagery. Subscribe here.

Hannah Gale  /  The queen of real-but-aspirational blogging, Hannah started a newsletter a while back and it’s one I always look forward to recieving. It usually lands in my inbox on a Friday morning, and features a little update on her week, links to other blog posts Hannah has enjoyed, a little wish list of products, and general things she’s been enjoying that week. Subscribe here.

Refinery 29  /  A daily newsletter, Refinery 29 is a roundup of articles based around the themes of beauty/social media/entertainment/fashion/health/news. They cover a wide range of topics, from the deep and meaningful to the throwaway gossip. It’s aimed at women, and although not every article is something I want to dedicate time out of my day to read, there are a lot of interesting, funny, and informative pieces that I really enjoy. There’s also usually some sort of competition on the go. Subscribe here.


Do you subscribe to any newsletters? Which ones are your favourites?