The Blog Series’ I Love

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I absolutely love when blog posts become a series I can keep up with, in fact I’ve actually tried to get a few of my own going over the past few years. (Cheeky plug – my current series is ‘Behind The Scenes Beauty’, discussing all the unglamorous aspects of my beauty regime and you can find it here.)

I like keeping up with people’s lives. I like wish lists that show me what’s new in the shops. I like when I read a post I enjoy and a few weeks/months later I get to read part two. I just really like blog series’, so today I’m discussing a few of my favourite ones with you.

Makeup Savvy’s Ebay Bargains

I’m super lazy, and although I know Ebay is packed full of bargains, I just can’t be bothered trawling through everything to find the gold. This series by Makeup Savvy is (so far) an 84-parter, and each post has a different theme whether that be blog photography props, floral embroidery, or cheap phone cases. Find the series here.


Sophie Cliff’s Weekly Favourites

Sophie’s weekly favourites are always a refreshing burst of positivity on a Monday morning. They’re usually full of lifestyle bits and bobs, and give me inspiration for travel, products to buy and tv shows to watch. Find the series here.


Pinch Of Nom’s Weekly Shopping Essentials

As some of you may know I’m currently doing Slimming world, and this Pinch of Nom weekly series has been perfect for keeping my food shop new and exciting. I mainly pay attention to the snack section (if you read my recent Favourite Slimming World Snacks post you’ll know how snack-obsessed I am), but I also love seeing which new fruits and drinks are available too. Find the series here.


Lorna Literally’s The Month in 10 Links

A complete mix of entertainment, fashion and beauty, I love these super short but sweet monthly posts from Lorna. ┬áIt’s so easy to miss things on this big old internet of ours, so I love posts that point me in the direction of other interesting and cool things I can sink my teeth into. Find the series here.