The Zoeva Rose Gold Brush Set

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You’ve probably heard of Zoeva by now. From their #GOALS rose gold brushes to their affordable eyeshadow palettes, everyone is talking about them.

I ummed and ahhed for a good year before committing to one of their brush sets. I read reviews, toyed between which set to go for, questioned whether I’d use the brushes.

In the end I opted for the original Rose Gold Brush Set. It has a good mixture of brushes, and ones that I knew I’d use.

So, what’s included?

There’s 8 brushes in total. A powder brush, silk finish foundation brush, face shape brush, luxe cheek brush, concealer buffer brush, soft definer brush, petite crease brush and a wing liner brush.


Zoeva rose gold makeup brush set review beauty

Face Brushes

Powder Brush

This is my go to daily powder brush. It picks up product easily, is very soft, and distributes product evenly. It’s large enough to do my whole face quickly whilst still being able to get into and around the contours of my face.

Silk Finish Brush

I love this foundation brush. It blends foundation into the skin without any streaks, and is lovely & soft. It’s a good size and is quite dense so provides even coverage. My go to foundation brush.

Face Shape Brush

I don’t use this brush often at all. It’s a great size for setting under eye concealer, but day to day I don’t reach for it. I haven’t yet tried it to contour with, which is its main intention, so I do still need to play around with it and use it in different ways before dismissing it completely. It’s not a brush that would be a deal breaker for me or convince me to buy another set just for its inclusion.

Luxe Cheek Brush

I don’t like this. It’s not as soft as the other brushes, and I find it scratchy. I don’t think it picks up product very well, nor does distribute product/blend evenly. I do reach for this brush from time to time, but every time I do I end up disappointed.

Concealer Buffer Brush

I’ve never had a specific concealer brush before, always preferring to use my fingers to blend concealer. This brush is one I definitely didn’t know I needed until I had it. Although I don’t use it daily, when I have more time to spend on my makeup I use this to blend concealer and cover spots. It’s a perfect little tool that just does it’s job, and I couldn’t be without it in my brush collection.

Zoeva makeup brush set rose gold beauty review

Eye Brushes

Soft Definer Brush

I use this brush for applying my base eyeshadow colour, rather than in the crease as the description advises. I find it too large for my hooded eyes and it just creates a mess. It’s very soft and I do like it as a general brush, and sometimes use it to blend out a colour too as it’s quite fluffy.

Petit Crease Brush

As I mentioned above, I have hooded eyes so this is the perfect size for my eyes. I use it to apply colour to my crease, and also to the outer third of my eye when I want to really pack on a shade for definition. This is one of my most used eyeshadow brushes aside from my Real Techniques blending brush, I love it and it would definitely influence a purchase of another set.

Wing Liner Brush

Finally, the wing liner brush. I actually already owned this brush, but as I use it to do my brows daily I do find it handy to have a couple lying round. It’s not the stiffest of brushes, but I like the flexibility and how the brush flows as it allows me to define underneath my brows in one sweep rather than more angular movements. It’s thin enough to be able to create the appearance of individual hairs, and doesn’t pick up too much product due to its small size.


So, is it worth it?

Definitely. My Zoeva brushes are my most reached for, and whilst some aren’t my favourite I’ve ever owned, the rest are such high quality brushes that I couldn’t be without. I’m currently deciding which set to get next… the En Taupe Brush Set is the forerunner atm!

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