Three More Favourite Low Syn Snacks

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If you know me in any capacity whatsoever, you’ll know snacks are my THING. Savoury snacks, sweet snacks, before breakfast and immediately after lunch snacks, evening snacks, friday snacks. All the snacks. And if you’ve been paying any attention to this blog in recent months, you’ll also know I’m currently doing Slimming World, which tbh doesn’t always go hand in hand with my love of all things snacky.

I’m always on the hunt for low syn snacks. A L W A Y S.

I religiously read Pinch Of Nom’s weekly shopping essentials posts. I cannot complete an online Tesco shop without glancing over the special offers. And I absolutely, no matter how hard I try to have willpower, cannot end the day knowing I have syns left over and not use them.

No matter how much I’d love to be one of those ‘it’s pointless to use all your syns if you’re not hungry’ smug Sally’s, I’m not. I’m greedy, I love it, here’s 3 more low syn snacks I’ve discovered since my last Low Syn Snacks post.

Rowntrees Minis

These guys are a relatively new discovery of mine, and despite thinking they’re 1.5 syns each for the first week and therefore losing no weight, I’ve since realised they’re actually 2.5 syns a packet. So worth it though. You get a load of individual packets of mini randoms and jelly tots for about ¬£3, they’re very nice and strangely you actually feel as if you’ve had a proper sweet treat. (COUGH unlike mini Haribos which only make you feel vvv sad because they are TINY and pathetic and four¬†syns a bag. What.)


Alpen Light Bars

I’ll admit I’ve been slow to get on the Alpen Light trend because, um, bread exists and therefore my daily healthy B allowance is already accounted for because toasties, cheese on toast, toast with butter, nutella on toast. Toast. The bars are 3 syns each or you can eat two for your healthy B choice, I’ve been enjoying the double chocolate flavour and the chocolate and fudge flavour. Let’s not kid ourselves here, they’re not good in a galaxy cookie crumble way, but they’re good in a ‘I’m trying to be healthier but I NEED chocolate now’ way.


Jammie Dodgers Twin Packs

OKAY I’ve had this epiphany recently where I’ve remembered jammie dodgers are a thing. I can’t stop thinking about them, I even dreamt about them the other week. The love is real. Anyway the proper ones come in at a whopping 4 syns each, and if you’re anything like me and basically inhale them, you know that’s just not okay. FOUR SYNS! These twin packs are only 5.5 syns for the two biscuits, they’re obviously smaller but I find that when you just want jammy biscuity goodness they hit the craving nail on the head. The whole ‘comes in an individual packet’ thing is also great because it’s much easier to resist scoffing 20 in a row.


So there’s three low syn snacks I’ve been loving recently, what are yours? Give me all the snack-inspo.