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If you follow me on Instagram (cheeky lil plug) you’ll know I was recently a bridesmaid for one of my best friends. It was the most perfect day complete with all the prosecco, caterpillar wedding cakes, and twin babies in matching suits, and I’m so glad I could be a part of it.

Aside from helping out the bride of course, our main priorities as bridesmaids included the hen do, our dresses, and figuring out the best way to attach flowers to our braids. The bride was the most chilled out, opposite-of-bridezilla bride we could ever have wished for (in fact, I think we were more like bridesmaid-zillas asking her 20 questions about dresses, shoes and bags every time she opened Whatsapp… Sorry Kim!), so she was happy to give us free reign when it came to our hair/makeup.

I knew I wanted to create a very natural, simple and pretty look that went easy on the contour and heavy on the natural glow… which not only came down to the products on the day, but also the products and treatments I used/had in the run up to the wedding.


In terms of treatments, I didn’t go too wild but I did have a couple of things I wouldn’t normally have done. As I’ve mentioned before, finding a mascara that doesn’t smudge under my eyes is something I struggle with at the best of times – never mind a wedding where I’m likely to be hot, having my photograph taken a lot, and need my makeup to last all day/night. After looking into various lash treatments I decided to get lash extensions. I went with Corema who is mobile in the Manchester area, and I found the whole process so relaxing – you basically get to kick back and nap for 2 hours! The result is great, and 3 weeks later I’ve barely had any fallout. I love not having to think about mascara at all, getting ready is so much quicker now. I definitely want to make lash extensions a regular thing when I have a bit more cash.

The second thing I had done was my nails. I have a gel nail kit myself (I have the Sensationail kit and it’s brill), but I wanted to get a professional mani as I’m not the neatest nail painter and I love having my nails shaped properly. I got them done at a salon called Perfect Beauty in Lees and they lasted 2 weeks before I took them off for another occasion.

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Continuing with the theme of nails, I wanted to grow my nails as long as possible for the wedding. I used the Barry M 3-in-1 Basecoat, Topcoat & Nail Hardener for about a week before my appointment at the salon to give my nails a bit of extra protection and make sure none of them broke. To moisturise my cuticles and help my fingers recover from all the stress induced hangnail picking I’ve been doing lately, I started to religiously apply Lush’s Lemony Flutter several times a day. My hands are in much better condition and I’ve actually continued using this product quite obsessively.

I struggle with chapped lips at the best of times, so to ensure my lips looked their best I began to use Lush’s Honey Lip Scrub morning and night for a few weeks before the wedding, along with a thick layer of the Nuxe Reve De Miel every night. The lip scrub is lovely as a product but I personally wish I’d chosen a different scent – I’ve had the Popcorn one in the past and much preferred that. I’ve raved about the Nuxe Reve De Miel before, it’s such a lovely moisturising lip balm that actually works on chapped lips, unlike a lot on the market that make the issue worse.

The last thing I was concerned about was my skin. I have relatively clear skin for the most part, but it’s very dehydrated and dry which isn’t the best base for applying foundation to. Although they’re described as masks and probably aren’t intended for daily use, I started to alternate between the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask and Superdrug’s own brand Vitamin E Leave On Moisture Mask as the last step in my evening skincare routine ,which made such a difference to how my base applied and how my makeup looked on the day.

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