Behind The Scenes Beauty: Budget Shower Creams

budget shower cream beauty cheap

Today’s post definitely isn’t the most glamorous of topics, but as much as I (and I’m sure quite a few of you too!) would love to kit my bathroom out with the most expensive, luxury products in SpaceNK, it isn’t always possible when the purse strings are tight.

Recently I’ve had to make more cutbacks than ever. I’ve swapped branded food for the value version, Starbucks for Tassimo and, unfortunately, Soap & Glory for whatever is on offer for a quid. Hashtag glam.

Although, tbh, I say unfortunately but actually I’ve found some pretty decent budget products, which is what I want to share with you today.

Radox Feel Glam Berry Burst

An old favourite of my sister’s from her part time stint working in Bodycare, our bathroom was often stocked up with this fruity shower cream when I was a teen. It’s a lovely smell that hangs around on the skin afterwards (or hair if you’re like my boyfriend who often uses shampoo and body wash interchangeably). I often dismiss Radox as a lot of their products seem to be targeted to older people, their products aren’t out of place in your grandmas shower shall we say, but actually, this range is really lovely. Definitely worth picking up if you’re after something fruity and girly.


Original Source Vanilla & Raspberry

This takes me right back to my student days when I LIVED for £1 Original Source (shoutout to Wilkinsons for allowing me to pick up some toiletries and homeware with my pick n mix, cleaning supplies and budget Christmas gifts). It’s creamy, moisturising, smells delicious and it’s cruelty free. The smell doesn’t linger after the shower, which although not ideal sometimes is perfect for when I want to apply perfume and not have anything interfere with the scent.


Imperial Leather Comforting Marshmallow Shower Cream

Another brand more commonly associated with your grandparents than your own beauty collection, Imperial Leather have brought out a range of sweet shop inspired shower cream and hand washes. The range includes Sherbet Lemon, Foamy Banana and Fruit Salad products to name a few, and they all smell of delicious nostalgia. The marshmallow scent is very sweet, and it’s also very moisturising and creamy. I can’t wait to try more in the range, especially the Bakewell Tart verison!


So those are three budget shower products I really rate. Are there any you love? What are they?