The Anti-Haul

anti haul

You’re probably pretty familiar with clothing/makeup/homeware hauls, but recently the anti-haul has come on my radar after seeing this post on From Roses. The idea is Kimberly Clark‘s, she has tons on her Youtube channel, and it’s basically things that you will never buy/can’t get on board with. So without further ado, here’s my anti-haul…


Acrylic Nails

Hats off to you if you always have perfectly manicured hands, but I just CAN’T get on board with having long nails. There’s something about the feel of them when I touch things, even the short ones go through me because they feel like my actual nail is getting bent the wrong way. Vom. Gel nails for lyf.


Dark Eyeshadow Palettes

I don’t know if it’s because I’m pale so dark eyeshadows can look very stark and drastic on my face (honestly, I can wear Tease from Naked 2 and it looks harsh), or if it’s because I don’t usually wear dark shades so when I do I instantly think it doesn’t suit me because I’m just not used to it. Either way, I much prefer softer, more natural browns that complement my skin tone. Sorry Naked Smoky, you’re not for me.


Expensive Shower Gels

I’m all for treating yo’self, but I’d much rather that be on things like bath bombs, or a nice face cream, or a new perfume. Shower gel is on and off in 5 minutes, it serves a purpose and that’s that for me. As long as it smells nice and gets me clean, I’m happy.


anti haul things I don't buy

Fake Tan

Now I’m not adverse to fake tan at all, but I just can’t get it to work for me. Admittedly I’ve only tried it a few times, but when I have it’s come out streaky, glittery (?!), and just everything but the golden goddess vibe I was going for. I have recently been pointed in the direction of Jodie Melissa’s Guide To Perfect Looking Fake Tan, so I think I need to grab a brew, settle down and get stuck into that blog post in the hopes of finally mastering fake bake.


Wing Liner

Again, this is another on the list that I don’t hate nor does it confuse me, I just don’t have time for it. I love the look on everyone else, but I have hooded eyes which means even if I could create a perfect wing (LOL) it’s completely pointless because you just wouldn’t be able to see it unless I walked round with my eyes closed. Lovely on other people, but not for me.


Dark Lips

As I mentioned before I have quite pale skin, so as well as dark eyeshadow looking very stark on me, so does a dark lip. It completely washes out my complexion, so although I’d love to rock a vampy lip every now and again, Facebook’s ‘this time 4 years ago’ reminds me on the reg that it’s probs not the best idea. Cheers Facebook.


Shaving Foam

The last on my list, shaving foam is one of those products I just don’t have a use for. Ever since I discovered the life hack of using conditioner in place of shaving foam, tbh I probably read it in Mizz magazine because THAT’S how long I’ve been using this life hack, I just haven’t needed to spend my money on shaving foam. It also frees up precious shower space, so win win.

Do you have any products or trends you just don’t have time for? What would be on your anti-haul list?