Slimming World: Week 9


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I’m now 9 weeks into my journey with Slimming World, and found this to be probably the toughest yet. In fact, I completely went off plan on 4 days out of 7, to the point I’m not even going to include my meal plan for the past week because it’ll be completely useless for you!

My boyfriend Danny got a promotion which we celebrated by claiming our Papa John’s reward pizza, we also claimed a free dominos via a quidco offer, and I’ve just been letting a lot of things past my lips that I haven’t logged or acknowledged at all. Anyway… here’s a bit more about how I got on this week.


The only new thing I tried this week (apart from new pizza flavours, the Dominos big dips and trying to see how much chocolate I could eat in one sitting and then pretending it didn’t happen…) was the Aldi Benefit bars. A ‘dupe’ of the Alpen Light bars, I found they were tastier than the Alpen version and a fraction of the price. I still don’t LOVE them, but they’re handy to have in as an on-the-go snack or easy HEX B when I’m not having any bread or cereal that day.


I’ve been eating jacket potatoes for my dinner quite often, and the McCain’s frozen ones are great! They’re so handy to have in, a decent size for lunch, and I love that there’s a set time to microwave them for rather than guessing like I do with fresh potatoes. Another thing I’ve been loving is the snack size Crunchies, which are 6 syns for the 26g snack sized bars and perfect for getting a chocolate fix.

The Results

So… the results. I gained a pound. It’s not tons, and to be honest I was expecting it because I cheated SO much this week. It sets me back a bit in terms of my more short-term goal of slimming down for my friend’s wedding where I’m a bridesmaid in July, but it’s not a huge gain and if I stick to plan I’ll hopefully get that pound (and then some!) shifted next week.

There’s always going to be tough weeks, but the way I’m looking at this one is that I didn’t stick to plan even 50% of the week. When I stick to plan, it works and I lose weight, so I just need to stay motivated and make sure I stick with it. I’m not disappointed because I know it’s my own fault and I can point to the exact meals and snacks that caused the gain, which I think is better than sticking to plan and having a gain that you don’t know where it’s come from.

Are you doing Slimming World? How did you get on this week?