Slimming World: Week 4, 5 & 6

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I’m 6 weeks into my Slimming World journey now (finally caught up to date with these posts!) and on the whole I’m still loving it. I’m making an effort to try new things, and this week especially I’ve been aiming to up my water intake as I’m terrible at remembering to drink enough.

I want to make these posts a weekly feature, so hopefully this should be the last round-up version and from now on I can go more into detail about each week.


I’ve been trying tons of new foods, and getting creative in the kitchen. I’ve been loving omelettes for breakfast (one of the few perks of being unemployed is the access to a hob at every meal time!), filling them with ham, cheese and onions. I’ve also been enjoying fruit and yoghurt, and for lunch I’ve had homemade soups like this Slimming World Classic Leek and Potato Soup. I’ve also been making pasta salads and jacket potatoes, so nothing difficult or extravagant, just filling, tasty food.

For tea I’ve been having a lot of pasta, as I can make filling sauces that are all speed foods. I’m also obsessed with making burgers from mince and onion, fried in fry-light and served in a bun (HEX b) with cheese (HEX a). It feels like such a treat but it’s all on plan.


I’ve been making a special effort to try new recipes; at least one new one a week. My attempt at this Cherry Cola Chicken didn’t go too well, but I loved the herby mash from the recipe so have made that since with pork chops and veggies. Another new favourite is the Tagliatelle Bolognese with Borlotti Beans, which is so hearty and full of flavour.

Finally, this week I made the Pinch of Nom 1 Syn Chicken Satay which was AMAZING, potentially the best chicken satay I’ve ever had… and I’ve been to a lot of takeaway’s. It was so delicious and again packed full of speed, if you’re a lover of takeaways then I recommend this 100%.



Some highlights from the past 3 weeks have been: the Suchard hot chocolate’s for Tassimo (3 syns), twin pack Biscoff’s from Poundland (3 syns for 2 biscuits), and this super cheap waffle mould from amazon that I used to make the Pinch of Nom Strawberry & Vanilla waffles.


The Results

Week 4: Week 4 I maintained down to the exact point of a pound. Of course it’s disappointing, but I had a night out and a few cheat meals so I can’t be too upset.

Week 5: My best week so far! I lost 2.5 lb taking my total weight loss to 6lb, despite having a birthday Papa John’s.

Week 6: A disappointing week, I gained 0.8lb. It’s not loads, and I should definitely get it off and then some next week, but it’s quite disheartening. On reflection and after chatting it over with my Whatsapp group, I’ve realised that next week I need to focus on upping my water intake, double checking syns (turns out I’d got confused and been synning Kinder Bueno at more than half of their value, oops), and making sure I get speed into every meal.

Another thing I’m learning the further into my journey I get, is that I’m an evening snacker. If I use up all my syns in the daytime in meals or on early treats, I feel bored and restricted in the evenings and that’s when I go off-plan. So here’s to more water, less cheating, and hopefully better results next week!


Are you doing Slimming World? How did you get on this week?