Plan With Me: My June Bullet Journal


I’ve been bullet journalling for about 4 months now and I feel like I’ve finally worked out what does and doesn’t work for me. There’s been a few things I’ve trialled that I hated (cleaning schedule) and things that I’ve absolutely loved, like the habit tracker. So I thought I’d bring you along with me when I set out my June spreads…


bullet journal june drawing calendar in progress spreads

The first spread in every month is always this round calendar of sorts. I first saw it on Maren’s Instagram account here and I’ve loved using it ever since – it’s arty, doesn’t take up a lot of room, and it’s easy to see at a glance which days I have plans. Of course, every other time I’ve created it it’s gone perfectly, but for some reason the one time I’m photographing it I got my maths wrong and did too many sections. Typical.

I just popped in all the events I know are coming up in June using different coloured pens. There’s no system or colour key for this (maybe I should get one!), I just use thecolours at random. You can find a detailed tutorial of exactly how to create the circular calendar here, it looks complicated but once you’ve done it once it’s SO easy.

bullet journal plan with me june bill tracker to do list monthly spread

On the next page I have my monthly to-do list. As I mentioned, I tried to create a cleaning schedule but I couldn’t find a layout that worked for me and made it clear enough what I should be doing each day etc. The daily tasks were easy in that I had to tick them all off each day, but tasks that didn’t need to be done as often had no system and it got very complicated very quickly. I’ve now decided to use my monthly to do list to track my monthly cleaning – things like changing the spare bedding and cleaning the oven.

My weekly cleaning would then go on my weekly spread (something I’ve recently introduced – there’ll be a separate post on them coming up soon). I’ve started to trial adding cleaning to my weekly spreads towards the end of this month and so far it seems to be working well for me as my cleaning ‘to-dos’ are on the same spread as my daily to-do lists.

The plan for my daily cleaning tasks *was* to add them to my habit tracker (which I fill out every evening), but when I was drawing it out I completely forgot and now there isn’t any space! I’ll have to find a way to incorporate those onto my weekly spreads this month too, but ideally I’d prefer them on my habit tracker as I know those things are goals I want to achieve every single day.

Next to my monthly to-do list, I have my bill tracking. I used to include a page for expenses so I could log every penny I spent, but since being made redundant I don’t have any money to spend so it’s been a waste of a page. The bill tracker just makes sure I know exactly which bills have already gone out, so I can keep track of my finances a bit better.

editoral calendar blogging bullet journal habit tracker daily spreads
editoral calendar bullet journal daily tracker habit tracker planning june organiser

My final spreads for June include my editoral calendar and my daily habit tracker. The editoral calendar is really simple, at the start of the month I’ll sit down and plan my content for the month in pencil. Once the post is written and scheduled I’ll write it in in pen so I know it’s ready to go/already posted. I could probably do a lot more with my editoral calendar, including check offs for each step of blogging, but TBH I like to keep it very simple and so far it works for me. My month can change very quickly, which is why I prefer to plan in pencil rather than pen – there’d be scribbled out blog post titles all over the place if I went straight in with pen!

My daily habit tracker is a place I keep track of all the habits/tasks I want to make sure I do daily (I mentioned in my recent Little Habits That Have Changed My Life For The Better post that making myself accountable for things has really helped push me to actually do them). Since I started bullet journalling this page has changed quite a lot, even this month I got rid of ‘bed before 12’ because I’m a bit more flexible with my days at the moment. As soon as I get back to work I’ll add it back in. I’ve also added ‘home cooked meals’ as a new habit to track in June – I’m not sure if it’ll be too similar to the ‘on plan’ habit, but I thought it might be the extra bit of motivation when a takeaway is tempting me.

As I mentioned before, I did want to include my daily cleaning on this spread but forgot. Although simple things like wiping the counters, making sure the desks are tidy and doing some laundry are probably second nature to some people, I’m a very lazy cleaner so I prefer having a list to refer back to and make sure those little things get done every single day.

So there we are, my June bullet journal spreads. I’ve reduced my spreads down a lot since I first started bullet journalling, to make sure I actually use each page and don’t spend more time planning my tasks that I do doing them. Do you have a bullet journal? Which spreads do you use every month?