Expensive Products That Are Worth It

expensive products luxury beauty worth it

Expensive, luxury beauty items are something I love to save up for, buy and own, but I also love to spend my money in the drugstore on more affordable brands like Rimmel, Soap & Glory and NYX. After recently being made redundant, money has been incredibly tight and so I’ve had to cut back on a lot of things I used to deem ‘necessities’. (Turns out, have 4 different foundations to choose from each morning isn’t actually a basic human right, who’d have thunk it?!).

But despite these financial cut backs, there are a few select products that I think are worth every single penny. They are absolutely incredible and make such a difference to my beauty routine, so here are 4 expensive products that are worth it.

(Side note: I know expensive has a different meaning to everyone, for me personally it depends on the type of product coupled with my situation at the time of purchase, so of course our opinions on what counts as ‘luxury’ will probably differ, and that’s okay).


Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Oil

I’ve been using this product for over a year now, and the difference it has made to my skin is insane. I get so many compliments about my ‘glow’ which I put down to a combination of this miracle worker, and Soap & Glory’s Hocus Focus which I tend to mix into my foundation. It smells lovely, hydrates my skin, and leaves it looking glowing and healthy with extended use.

It’s around £37 for a 30ml bottle, or £50 for the 50ml version. My last 30ml bottle lasted me around 7-8 months with daily use, so although it sounds quite pricey I have found it to be one of the better value moisturisers over a longer period of time.

Buy it here.


Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow

At £49 this palette isn’t cheap, but I just love what it does to my face. I’m not a huge user of bronzers as I find a lot of them don’t suit my skin tone, either making me look terracotta orange or quite washed out despite that being the opposite of what they’re supposed to! The bronzer in this palette is absolutely gorgeous, really easy to apply without overdoing it, and gives my skin a lovely, natural looking glow. The highlighter isn’t as striking as I assumed it would be, and I was quite disappointed by this at first. With extended use, however, I’m actually glad it’s a bit more subtle. Sometimes I don’t want to create an ‘on fleek’ highlight, and also what looks great on Instagram doesn’t always translate well into real life situations and can very quickly become OTT for me personally.

Both products included are beautiful, I use each of them equally and I just love the bit of luxury this product adds to my collection. The packaging is gorgeous, I know it’s the product that counts at the end of the day, but sometimes it’s lovely to own things that reflect their price and look beautiful on your dressing table.

Buy it here.


Armani Si

I suppose this product might not be considered ‘expensive’ by some, it is a perfume after all. But at £73 for 50ml it is a lot of money, especially when my most complimented perfume happens to be Britney’s Midnight Fantasy which comes in at a bargain £24 for 5oml!

I love the elegance of this perfume, there’s just something about it that smells fancy. It’s not too strong, or too sweet, or too woody, or too floral. It’s just a lovely balance of everything in just the right amounts. It can just as easily be worn in the evening as the daytime, and it never feels out of place – under or overdressed. I’m awful at describing scents, but it’s just a really beautiful perfume.

Buy it here.

charlotte tilbury filmstar bronze and glow luxury product

Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Quad in ‘Golden Goddess’

Another Charlotte Tilbury product, but believe it or not the two included on this list are actually the only two CT products I own. (Which probably suggests I should buy more from her, right??).

This eyeshadow quad costs a slightly eye-watering £39 for four shades, but it’s actually my favourite eyeshadow palette I’ve ever used. And here’s why. Despite having only four different shades, each one is designed to work together to create a very specific look, the instructions for which are at 1:31 of this Youtube Tutorial on the Charlotte Tilbury channel. I love that you can follow only steps 1 & 2 for a really natural look, or amp it up for the evening by using every colour.

But my favourite thing about the palette, and the thing that to me makes it worth the money, is that I use every shade. Because each one is so carefully considered, chosen to work well together, it means there aren’t any ‘okay’ shades that I barely use. And yes, £40 for 4 eyeshadows is a lot of money, but I could buy another Naked palette and get 12 shades, half of which I’ll probably never use on a regular basis.

Buy it here.


So those are the expensive products I personally think are worth every penny? What would yours be?