Behind The Scenes Beauty: Shaving With Cornerstone

cornerstone-shaving-beauty-behind-the-scenes-razor-gift-Most beauty products are fashionable to discuss online, things like lipstick and foundation and even spot treatment… but there are others, like shaving and nail clippers and moustache removal that are, ahem, less glam. So today I’m introducing a new series on my blog, ‘behind the scenes beauty’, that discusses those less talked about but vvvv important beauty products.

I’ve been shaving my legs for about ten years now, maybe longer, and it’s not something I’ve really given much thought to. I did graduate from grabbing whatever packet of disposables was on offer to getting an actual razor with changeable blades, but I’ve still always made my razor decisions based solely on price without giving any further thought to the tech behind the product or what it claimed to do.

Cornerstone recently got in touch with me to ask if I’d like to try out their brand new razor* so, intrigued, I decided to say yes and see what it was all about. Although it’s marketed as a man’s razor, it’s quite well known that men’s razors are usually better than women’s, so I was intrigued to discover what I thought of it.

cornerstone shaving products razor subscription men women unisex

The new Cornerstone razor design comes with a trimmer blade, better spacing (which means no clogging!) and a new handle for a better grip. There’s lots of tech-y razor science behind it, which includes the blades being heated to 1100 degrees, being shot with diamonds and coated in Teflon – which, for the non-scientists among us (me), means it’s designed to give a smoother and more comfortable shave.

The razor is personalised (who else LOVES a bit of personalisation?! I swear someone could personalise a toilet brush for me and I’d show it to every guest I had round!). It comes in a set with three products: a Face Scrub, Shave Gel, and Post Shave Balm. It also comes with 6 razor blades and a blade cover, which is perfect for travel or just keeping the blade safe and out of the way when not in use.

Now onto the real question…

How good is it?

I used all three of the products and the razor so I could test out the full set, and tbh I don’t think I’ve ever told my boyfriend to feel my smooth legs as much as I did that evening. Honestly, smooth legs and fresh bedding are up there with two of the best feelings in the world aren’t they?! Even better when together.

The scrub, although intended for a man’s face, was lovely on my legs and didn’t feel too abrasive or harsh. I then applied the shave gel. You may remember me mentioning in my recent Anti-Haul post that I don’t have time for shaving foam/cream, ever since I discovered the life hack of using conditioner instead. The shaving gel went on nicely, and I was so surprised how smooth the shave was. It rinsed right off the blades, and didn’t clog it at all. It sounds strange, but it felt really light on my skin – I suppose I am used to using conditioner though which can be quite thick.

Cornerstone shaving subscription razor products behind the scenes beauty flatlay

The razor itself was easy to hold and use; and the thing that amazed me most (because I am V clumsy)… I DIDN’T CUT MYSELF. Not once. And maybe it’s because before now I didn’t give a second thought to shaving, and razors, and shaving gel, but I always thought it was normal to have a few nicks whenever you shave your legs. So TBH, that’s me sold.

After shaving I applied the post shave balm, which was absolutely lovely and soaked in straight away, so my legs felt moisturised but without feeling greasy. Which my boyfriend will be V happy about because whenever I get into bed after using a body butter, he says I feel sticky and sweaty even if I’ve applied the body butter HOURS before.

Cornerstone also offer a shaving subscription, with different options so you receive new blades and products as often as you like.

I’m SO glad Cornerstone got in touch with me, and I genuinely can’t believe I’ve spent the past 10 years getting nicks on my legs from bad razors and thinking that was normal?! I’ll be continuing to use the Cornerstone products, I also think I’m going to order my boyfriend his own  – he’s been eyeing up my set far too often and although there’s a lot we share, I think razors might be a step too far.

Have you ever tried Cornerstone’s razors/products? What did you think?

*Cornerstone kindly sent me this product for review, but of course as always my opinions are honest and my own. You can find my full disclaimer here.