Starting Slimming World: My First 3 Weeks

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Losing weight is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and I mentioned in my recent life update that I’ve started Slimming World after unsuccessfully trying to go it alone/calorie count for the best part of 3 years.


I never thought a slimming club was for me – the impression they paint is very much that they’re for people with a lot to lose, or who have tried absolutely everything else, yo-yo dieted for years, etc. Which isn’t me. I have about 2 stone to lose and I am overweight, but I don’t have a huge target nor have I tried everything else already. It’s not a last resort for me.

My mum has recently joined Slimming World and done really well on it, all the while my calorie counting and gym efforts were getting worse and worse, and I was giving in to burgers WAY too often. I wasn’t losing any weight, and I’d go home and see my mum eat a chow mein and still lose 3 pounds a few days later. It almost seemed too good to be true. Where’s the catch? So I decided to give it a go.

I’ve joined online, because the thought of going and sitting in a slimming club might be appealing to some people, motivating even, but I just can’t shake the association with Little Britain, and the memories I have as a child getting dragged to meetings with my mum and hating every second. Social media is such a huge thing, I was confident I could get help and support without needing a group.

So how’s it going?

Initially the plan looks very confusing, but after spending an hour getting my head around it I think I’ve got it down. The basics are: you have free food (unlimited), speed food which every meal has to contain 1/3 of, a weighed healthy extra ‘a’ and ‘b’ choice, and ‘syn’ foods that are assigned a syn value.

The first week I like to fondly refer to as my ‘trial week’. I had an afternoon tea, a chinese, went over on syns getting an ice blast at the cinema, and I had a burger and a bottle of prosecco on my last day at work.

I lost 2lb.

It’s not a huge loss, but it’s a loss that I managed while enjoying myself. Which is what matters to me.

For week 2 I got more serious, I planned my meals, did the big shop, and had every intention of sticking to the plan. Until the sun appeared in Manchester, which of course called for beer gardens, lunches out, and everything BUT counting syns. The intentions were good, but I fell for spontaneity; swapping on plan meals for last minute meals out, drinks in the sun, and not recording what I was eating.

I lost 1/2 a pound. I’ll take that. I didn’t deserve a loss, so to lose anything at all is amazing.

Finally, week 3 I managed to get myself back on plan. I wasn’t great at making sure I get enough water, but the rest of the time I stuck to the plan 100%.

I lost 1lb.

It’s not huge, but I’ve never been a big loser no matter how I attempt weight loss. It puts me at a 3 1/2 pound loss in three weeks, which I’m happy with as it’s a steady amount and if I can continue at roughly 1lb loss a week, by July for my friend’s wedding I’ll have lost almost another stone on top of the 3.5lb loss. I’ll take that!

I’m currently on week 4, and I’ve been on plan every day, cooking some lovely meals and enjoying all the extra fruit, veg and energy. So fingers crossed for a loss.

Overall I’m finding the plan really easy to follow, and I’m enjoying it too. I’m eating tons more fruit and veg, cooking from scratch, and I’m full all of the time. Of course it’s still very early days, but this is the first ‘diet’ of sorts I’ve ever done that I’ve enjoyed, and found to be positive. I’m not focussed on what I can’t have, but everything that I can have.

Have you started slimming world recently? How are you finding it?