Oh God, it’s been a while. I never feel like I have to explain a long blogging break, because this isn’t something I do professionally or even semi-professionally, but I didn’t know where else to start. So here’s a little update on life, because things have been WEIRD lately.

I got made redundant.

Yep. That happened and it’s pretty crap, but I’m feeling weirdly positive about the whole thing (when I stop panicking about how May’s rent is getting paid, anyway). I feel like it’s a fresh start. A chance to try somewhere or something new, and expand my experience.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved my job. But if I don’t look at this positively and use it to my advantage, I’d spend my life crying in the corner making a tin of beans last 5 days. And who has time for that?

I started slimming world.

I’ve spoken before about my desire to lose weight. It’s something I’ve been yo-yoing with for a few years now, and when I count calories I feel SO restricted and quit as soon as I so much as imagine a burger. Or a slice of pizza. Or cake. Or mac n cheese. You get the gist. So far I’m enjoying the freedom of Slimming World, and I’ve lost 2.5lb which isn’t tons, but I’ll be honest and admit I haven’t stuck to the plan 100% because, y’know, summer actually happened in Manchester this weekend and beer gardens were calling my name.

I think I’m going to document my journey on this blog. Partly because recipes and ideas are only ever a good thing and I know how much I utilised blogs to help me get to grips with the plan, and partly because it makes me accountable, so I don’t just quit as soon as there’s a bump in the road.

I passed my driving test.

I’m probably not going to get a car because I live in the city centre, but I’ve been learning for over 2 years so I’m just glad to finally get it done and passed. I didn’t even find driving particularly hard, I think I was just so relaxed with it that sometimes I’d make mistakes that in the real world wouldn’t matter, obviously matter when you’re preparing for a test because they want you to drive perfectly – which is why I put off taking the test for so long. Even though I don’t plan to get a car, it hasn’t stopped me having a cheeky look at what’s out there – I’d like a cream mini plz if anyone rich is reading. Or Danny. Because we could always pretend my upcoming 24th birthday is a biggie.

That’s pretty much it really. Obviously there’s been smaller things that have happened like prosecco Friday’s and binge watching all of Broadchurch series 1 in a day (OMG, I’m obsessed) and afternoon tea and trying to resist all the easter chocolate that’s been in stores since January.

But I’m feeling good. I’m happy, and I feel peaceful. I feel content, like I’m in charge of my own happiness for the first time in a while. And in a weird way, I feel like I’m responsible for whether I succeed or not, and there’s something quite calming and positive about that. I’m not worried, I’m not scared. I’m excited. It’s down to me, and only me, now. And that’s okay.