Starting A Bullet Journal: An attempt to organise my chaotic life

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Along with the rest of the population, this New Year I became obsessed with being organised – I had a clear out, bought a wall calendar and started a bullet journal with dreams of becoming a super organised got-her-shit-together gal.

I spent an embarrassingly long time on Amazon and Pinterest looking at dotted notebooks – I’d be willing to bet it went into double figures.

Bullet journalling, if you haven’t heard of it, is  a system created by Ryder Carroll to organise your life all in one place; replacing diaries, calendars, notebooks and random scribbles of paper with one book for everything. If you’re sat there overwhelmed by the whole concept, like I was when I first discovered it, everything you could ever need to know about bullet journalling can be found on

bullet journal organisation new year starting bullet journalling artline pensBut in short: bullet journalling has changed my life.

It’s not changed my life in the way a lottery win would, or a gap year, or having twins like my best friend just has, but it’s changed the way I organise myself and has made me far more motivated. Which, when you’re as scatter brained and clumsy as I am, is a complete WIN.

I don’t use the bullet journal system exactly to the letter. I have a separate diary for daily/monthly spreads, and prefer to use my bullet journal to track my life, and for general things as oppose to appointments and to-do lists.

The beauty of the bullet journal is it’s completely customisable. Take out what you don’t need. Add in several ideas you found on Pinterest. Spend hours perfecting calligraphy titles, or scribble them down in 5 seconds flat. You can use it exactly how you want, which is why it’s so perfect.

Technically all you need to start a bullet journal is a notebook and some pens. Although any old ones will do, there are some that make life easier and the journal much much much more pleasing on the eye.

After spending a couple of hours days researching the best notebook to use for bullet journalling, I settled on the Moleskine Soft Extra Large Dotted Notebook in ‘khaki beige’. It’s bigger than an A5, but smaller than A4 and I’ve found it to be the perfect size. Pages like the cleaning schedule, habit tracker, and weight loss tracker really benefit from the extra space and breathing room, from an aesthetics point of view (plus, I find A5 notebooks a really awkward size to write in). You can see some ink on the back side of the page, but I personally don’t mind that and the bleed through isn’t dreadful. It also has a pocket in the back which is handy for my mini ruler. The only thing I’d say is a negative about the notebook is that it only has one bookmark – two would be much handier so I could easily access my expenses tracker AND habit tracker pages, for example.

Artline* very kindly sent me some pens to try out in my bullet journal – a selection of markers, calligraphy pens and fine liners. My favourites so far have been the 0.4mm black fine liner, which is perfect for titles and general writing, and the coloured fineliners which I’ve been using to add splashes of colour to my otherwise very monochrome journal. I also love the silver and gold  markers, which will be lovely for adding accents to my titles, and the calligraphy pens -which I haven’t been brave enough to use in my journal yet but have been using to write my name EVERYWHERE and feel fancy.

Have you tried bullet journalling? What are your favourite spreads?

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page ideas weight loss tracker bullet journal bullet journalling organisation life new year* Artline very kindly sent me some of their pens to try out in my bullet journal, however as always my opinions are honest and my own. Find my full disclaimer here.