The 9 Apps I Use Constantly

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I love seeing what apps people have on their phones. A) because I’m a nosy bugger and B) because I’m not shy about downloading apps, I’m a marketers dream ’cause I’ll legit download anything anyone suggests to me. Those targeted Instagram ads get me EVERY. TIME.  Anything that will improve my life, make it easier or more fun and I’m straight in the app store to install it.

In fact, in work the other day we were all comparing how many ‘pages’ of apps there are on our phones… everyone else had 2-3 which made me question their life choices because me? I have 6. SIX homescreens filled with apps.


mosaico app instagram grid scheduling Really boring story, I once accidentally updated my VCSO Cam despite my mate telling me how shitty they’d made it, because I’m a complete tosser, and the new version has lost the feature where you could essentially preview your Instagram grid. Cue Mosaico.

It’s an app where you can preview, plan and schedule your Instagram posts. Some people might find it sad, but I love planning out my grid and making sure the colours/tones/images all compliment one another in the best way possible. I use it multiple times a day to plan out my grid, and it also has a feature called ‘tag clouds’ where you can save a group of hashtags together to quickly add them all to your caption.

Although you have to pay for the app initially, like I said it’s one I use daily and I couldn’t be without it. Personally it was definitely worth the price of a couple of coffees.

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My Fitness Pal

If you’ve read any of my 2017 ‘goals’ posts (see: 18 Hopefully Realistic Goals For 2017 and My 2017 Fuck Budget), you’ll know that one of my aims for this year is to lose weight.

I’ve been steadily gaining weight since I started at university 5 years ago, and I want to get healthier and feel happy in myself again. I use My Fitness Pal to track every meal, which may seem excessive to some but because I’m so small and not that into healthy food it’s SO easy for me to overeat.

I love the huge database of foods, the barcode scanner, and the fact it links up to so many other apps to track things like exercise and sleep. It definitely holds me accountable for the things I put into my body – making everything a more considered choice rather than just eating for eating’s sake. I also love how I can see my progress, and find the community really motivating.

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Link to website.

my fitness pal app review


Another fitness type app, Pact is a recent download for me that so far I’m loving.

The concept behind it is simple – make pacts such as go to the gym and track food, then get paid for completing them by members who haven’t completed their pacts.

YEP, if you don’t complete your pact, you have to pay. The money you get isn’t huge, and it depends on how often you pledge to do an activity (I get $1.50 for 3 workouts a week), but for me the thought of having to pay out $5 for not going to the gym makes me so much more motivated to go.

I love the concept, but we’ll see if I’m still saying that if I fall off the bandwagon eh?!

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Anyone who knows me knows how much I’m always scheming to make more money (20 cogs, selling things on ebay, trying to flog stationary to my colleagues, etc), so as soon as I heard about Quidco I was instantly obsessed.

It’s a cash back site, which gives you money back for online (and high street) shopping. I have the chrome browser extension, so every time I visit a website I can get cash back for I get a little notification.

So far I’ve got cash back on everything from my summer holiday to take aways, and I’m actually excited for my electricity/internet contracts to run out so I can get a cheeky few quid for renewing them.

Link to website. (referral link, get £10 when you sign up)

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quidco money finance quick easy way to make cash

Prime Now

This one’s just for Amazon Prime customers, but one I can’t get enough of. You pop in your postcode, search for what you want, and receive your items within two hours. TWO HOURS. *Might* have ordered some chocolate to the office last week because Friday. Honestly, this shit is the future.

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shoptagr app shopping clothes makeup cheap deals
A VERY recent discovery for me that I found out about through Jasmine Talks Beauty’s Instagram, Shoptagr is an app you can use alongside safari to create a wishlist of products, and it’ll then send you notifications when it goes on sale or comes back in stock.

Perfect for those times you want something but can’t justify it at full price – although potentially reaaaaaally dangerous as I found out when I purchased the Kurt Geiger bag I probably couldn’t really afford. OOPS.

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Talking of money, Pariti is an app to help manage your finances. You add your accounts, set a weekly/monthly budget and it allows you to see how much you’re spending and what on – plus it gives you notifications when you’re nearing your spending limit. It’s such a useful tool, and perfect for someone like me who spends money without ever realising what on.

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This year I’ve really started to notice how mindlessly I behave, spending all my time scrolling endlessly on my phone – from the minute I wake up to the minute I go to sleep, I’m looking at a screen.

I’d like to say the exception is when I’m cooking or having a bath, but even then I have my phone firmly glued to my left hand, which is a bit embarrassing.

I saw Peak advertised on my Instagram feed (told you I fall for those ads!), it’s a brain workout app filled with loads of little mini games to exercise your brain in areas such as language, memory, problem solving and attention training. And although it’s still screen time, I have been enjoying using it every morning to wake myself up and instantly feel more alert.

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You’ve probably heard of VSCO by now (if not, where have you been?!). It’s a photo editing app that a lot of people use for Instagram, and it has tons of different filters for whatever look you’re going for. My favourite is HB2 atm, I love how defined it makes the photo look while still being bright and nice to look at.

I have a set photo editing routine I always use, and recently they’ve updated the app to allow more freedom when editing things such as brightness, saturation and temperature. It’s definitely one to download, and although there are in-app purchases in the form of themes, I’ve always been happy with the free ones.

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