Six Small Ways I’ve Been Saving Money

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I’m crap with money, I’ll admit that… it’s bloody hard to juggle rent and bills and maintaining a decent prosecco to blood ratio while still trying to look half decent and see your pals, am I right girls??

But seriously. Managing money is hard, and a skill I’m still yet to fully master because right now I live like a queen for a week and a peasant for the next three. Every month. (Student habits die hard it seems).

But there are some things I’ve been doing as of late to reduce my outgoings – and have more dolla for important things like new trainers and saying yes to brunch.


Limit coffee intake

Specifically from coffee shops. I know what you’re thinking, ‘Jesus Christ this is the most unoriginal money saving method I’ve ever heard’, but it gets better. Promise.

So what I’ve been doing is ‘treating’ myself to one fancy coffee a week. And by treating myself, I mean getting an O2 sim and using this life hack to get a free Nero every Tuesday. Bangin.


Sign up to newsletters

I’m subscribed to several newsletters, but some of my favourites for deals include Student Money Saver (not limited to students fyi) and Money Saving Expert which are always packed with freebies, from food to makeup to discounts on your energy bills.


Shop online

Not only does shopping online stop me from impulse buying (she says as she receives two clothes deliveries in one day because SALE), but it also means discount codes, blagging my mates unidays discounts, and when it comes to food shopping, actually sticking to my shopping list. Every time I enter shops in real life, I spend money I didn’t plan to. And somehow I don’t think that’s a coincidence.


Arrange events wisely

I’m fully aware that organising a squad trip to Wetherspoons can already be more complicated than, I dunno, chemical engineering or something BUT it can be worth spying out the best deals and arranging around them. Go out a bit earlier when it’s 2 for 1 cocktails, or arrange meals during weeknights when there’s usually more deals, or only go to the cinema on a Tuesday or Wednesday when you can get meerkat movie discount.


Be fickle

Change banks with the switching service to get £100, shop around for better phone deals, make sure you switch electricity/gas providers regularly. Find the best price for things, don’t just go with the same shop/provider you always have out of habit. At the end of the day big corporations don’t give a shit about you, so get yourself the best deal or get out.

Take advantage of cashback sites

I mentioned quidco in my ‘9 apps I use constantly‘ post, and I’m still devastated it took me so long to sign up. (If only I’d discovered it before kitting out a full flat, insert crying emoji here). Whether you use quidco or one of the others, it’s worth doing – it’s basically free money back for purchases you’re making anyway. Winner.

What are your money saving tips? Let me know in the comments because this girl needs all the help she can get.