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So it’s safe to say we are way way WAY past Christmas at this point, embarrassingly so… but as the final week of my advent calendar only contained 3 products I wanted to test them out for a while.

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I was SO excited opening these three products, mainly because two out of three were from Kiehl’s. Which, as I’ve discussed before, is one of my favourite brands for skincare so I jump at the chance to try new things from them.

We’ll start with the Amino Acid Shampoo. I really liked this. It made my hair shiny and soft, it didn’t feel too stripping, and I did notice my hair had more volume when I used this shampoo. It’s a shame the conditioner wasn’t included in the advent calendar too, but it’s definitely something I’m keen to try. (Although, erm, might have to be added to the birthday list because um hello who TF has £18.50 to spend on hair conditioner REALLY?!?!)

Second is the Lancome Galateis Douceur, a face & eyes cleansing fluid. This was such a throwback for me, not because I could afford Lancome at 13 years old, but because 13 year old me used to use a Nivea cleaning fluid religiously. I’ve since upped my cleansing game after discovering Caroline Hiron’s blog, which is the main reason I wouldn’t go out and purchase this product. I liked it on my skin, don’t get me wrong. It felt soothing, gentle and like it removed my makeup, but my skin just didn’t feel cleansed in the same way it does with a proper cleanser and a warm flannel. And for £36, I’m sorry, but NOPE.

Finally, and a disappointing one for me, is the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser. It was far too drying, felt stripping on my skin, and made me break out on a RIDICULOUS level which I can only assume due to just how drying it is. Honestly, it’s the only Kiehl’s product I’ve even been disappointed with, but I hated this. Hated.

So there we are. My 2016 Selfridges Beauty Advent Calendar reviews done and dusted. I loved the whole process of discovering new products, and can’t wait to continue using some of my new found faves.

Did you buy the Selfridges advent calendar or did you opt for a different one? What was your favourite product from it?