A Flying Visit To Amsterdam: The Best Accomodation I’ve Ever Stayed In

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I’ve been to Amsterdam once before, when I went Interrailing for a month in 2013 but it was short and sweet with only a day to explore. I’ve been dying to go back – partly for the chips and chocolate but mostly to explore the city. So when my boyfriend’s favourite band were throwing an all night party at the Ziggodome, it was the perfect excuse to revisit and get to know Amsterdam that teeny bit more.

After scoring some cheap flights, I was on the hunt for some affordable accommodation – trickier than you’d think with the dates not in the slightest bit flexible.  Which is when I stumbled across City Hub.

A hostel with a twist, City Hub takes influence from Japanese pod hotels. The old warehouse has been transformed and filled with private pods, each with a double bed in. They’re more spacious than you’d think, and high tech too – you can link your phone via bluetooth and play music through the speakers, and there’s an app you can download to change the colour of the lights, turn them on/off, dim them, as well as speak to other guests and the hostel workers for recommendations on everything from food to tourist attractions.

A unique concept I’ve never come across before in the West, the City Hub was such a great place for a weekend break. The showers and toilets  were communal, but in private cubicles and cleaner than most hotels I’ve stayed in.

The pods were so cute, and while not the most practical if you were visiting for a few weeks, were a perfect base for a weekend of exploring.

Upon check in, we were given wristbands which act as the key to the pod, allow you to buy things from the various self serve vending machines, and also unlock the front door – which means no curfew. YES PAL.

I’d definitely recommend the City Hub if you’re looking for somewhere cheap but perfect for a city break. It has everything you need, plus amazing staff who are great at recommending places/things/food. I’ll definitely be revisiting soon, once my bank balance stops crying from Christmas.

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? Where did you stay? Would you ever consider a pod hostel?