A Blue Monday January Wishlist

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So today is blue Monday, which is supposedly the most depressing day of the year because we’re all poor, the weather is crap and it’s been SO long since all the Christmas and New Year festivities. Sob.

Today is the day you deserve to treat yourself. Grab a lush bath bomb on your way home from work, burn that nice candle you got for Christmas, put your pyjamas on the second you get home and don’t even THINK about doing any housework. If ever there’s an excuse to spoil yourself, today’s the day. You got this.

In the spirit of spoiling ourselves, what better day than today to publish my January wish list. Although Christmas has only just been and gone, I can’t help but get into the ‘new year, new wardrobe’ mindset because jesus christ have you felt how cold it’s got this week?! It’s legit arctic outside, and I for one do NOT own enough warm clothes.

Expect to see a lot of tweets complaining about it beingĀ cold/arctic/horrific/deadly/I might get frostbite.