My 16 favourite blog posts of 2016


So I’m guessing a few of you are still feeling slightly worse for wear today after waving goodbye to 2016 on Saturday . First of all, HI 2017. Nice to see you.

I have a new calendar hanging on the wall. A new planner on the way. And a fresh, new, excitement for the year ahead. But I’m not quite ready to wave goodbye to 2016 juuuuust yet.

Here are 16 blog posts I loved reading in 2016. Posts that made me laugh, made me think about the world and life and the way I live it. Posts that inspired me – whether that be to treat myself to a new foundation or to gain new perspective.

I’ve read a lot of posts this year, and loved several. But here are 16 that stood out personally.


How To Take Bright Pictures in Dark, Gloomy Weather

by Thirteen Thoughts

One of my goals for 2017 is to improve my blog photos tenfold, which of course is made a bazillion times harder by the winter weather. This guide is the perfect tool, and I can’t wait to try out the tips this year.

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The Problem With Drugstore Foundation

by Jasmine Talks Beauty

As a white British girl, I’ve never had a problem finding my shade in foundation – whether that be drugstore or high end. This post by Jasmine highlighted an issue I’d never had to think about before, but one that is so so apparent on our high street.

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6 More Things To Add To Your Netflix List

by Oh January

I’m always looking for new stuff to binge on Netflix (HEY if you’re reading, plz sort out your search system, ta boos), but a lot of articles I read mention the same shows over and over. This list by Hannah includes some titles I’d never heard of before, and although I haven’t got round to watching them all yet, I definitely will be having a binge in the new year.

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Women Aren’t

by Vix Meldrew

First of all I’m gonna begin with the disclaimer that I love every single post by Vix, and if you haven’t already (WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN) you need to spend an afternoon binge reading her entire archive because hilarious. One post in particular that stood out for me this year is ‘Women Aren’t’ – a reminder that we shouldn’t accept the labels we’re given.

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We Need To Tone Down Our First World Problems

by Lauren Rellis

I for one am definitely guilty of succumbing to ‘first world problems’ and letting them overtake my thoughts/life. But sometimes we need to put them into perspective, and this post by Lauren hits the nail on the head.

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Blogging, Twitter & Sponsorship – What Should You Be Declaring?

by Tea Party Beauty

A very useful post by Hayley on a not-so-often discussed side of blogging.

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Is The Blogosphere Oversaturated?

by Martha Jane Edwards

Martha’s posts are always so on point, but this one in particular stood out to me because it’s a question I find myself asking a lot. Martha delves into how the popularity of blogging is affecting lack of growth on an individual level.

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My Healthy KFC Chicken Recipe

by xAmeliax

I tried this recipe several months ago, back when I cared about eating healthier, and absolutely loved it. I don’t know why I haven’t remade it, but it’s on the list for my 2017 health kick – delicious food that tastes like it should 100% be bad for you? YES PLEASE.

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5 Ways To Help Somebody With Depression

by Martha Jane Edwards

Another from Martha, this post was on World Mental Health Day and I love that it’s written from the perspective of somebody who suffers from depression. It’s often hard to know how to help – especially if you don’t know how the person is feeling, so this guide is perfect for helping people to understand and better be in a position to help.

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Why I Love Living Up North

by Sophie Cliff

The North often gets overlooked by the big smoke, so it’s nice to see a post that celebrates everything Northern, as well as disputes all those rumours about needing to be in London to be successful.

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Living In Paris Was Really Bloody Hard

by Nettle & Blackberry

This post delves into Imii’s experience with living abroad, and how it’s not always the perfect dream people assume.

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Bloggers To Watch Out For in 2017

by Through The Mirror

If you’re anything like me, you love finding new blogs to read, which makes this post perfect. A collection of bloggers big and small, some I’d never heard of, made it onto Caitlin’s list, and I can’t wait to have a nosy at them all.

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9 Habits That Were Game Changers For Me in 2016

by The Daily Tay

A lovely roundup of simple habits that can change your life. Great for the ole’ motivation heading into a new year.

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7 Adaptable Skills You Can Add To Your CV From Running A Blog

by Sophie Rosie

Blogging sometimes gets a bad rep for being superficial, but it can actually develop and improve skills that can translate into the workplace. Sophie discusses 7 of those here.

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The Best Beauty Gimmick Buys From eBay

by Makeup Savvy

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I bloody LOVE a good gimmick. This list of ebay finds is not only cheap but also full of things I genuinely have a use for.

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The Best Career Lessons I’ve Taken From All My Jobs

by From Roses

It can be hard to see the positives when you’re working a job you hate (believe me, I’ve been there), but this post from Rebecca highlights how every step in your career can teach you invaluable lessons.

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So that’s it, 16 posts I’ve loved in 2016. Which blog posts did you love? Link them below!