12 Things I Really Bloody Hope Stay in 2016

new year things that need to stay in 2016 room 101 pet hates

Oh hi, me again with another new year related post. This time I’m talking really annoying things and habits that I wish we could lock in 2016 and throw away the key. Things that have no place in my life, that I wish I could Room 101 the fuck out of.

Sometimes we all just need a little moan, don’t we?

So anyway, here’s 12  things I really really really hope we don’t carry forward with us into the next 12 months.

1. Dabbing. Dear god it gives me so much second hand embarrassment. Can we just not?

2. People eating fish or other foods that stink out the entire office. What is wrong with you? Were you unloved as a child? PLEASE MAKE IT STOP.

3. Instagram’s algorithm. Or any algorithm. Stop trying to guess what I want to see and judge that I follow/am friends with people I LIKE and want to see the content of. Eye roll emoji goes here.

4.When you buy something for someone and they give you back the exact amount to the .99 pence. Could you not just round it up a penny, nah? Judging you and your life.

5. The whole weight/health debate. Don’t be mad that someone is trying to lose weight or goes to the gym, don’t be mad if that isn’t someone’s priority, IT DOESN’T MATTER. Concentrate on yourself.

6. Celebrity deaths. Plz can our favourite people stop dying??

7. Shitty post-Brexit exchange rates. I didn’t vote for this, and now I have £50 less spends on my holiday? Not about this life.

8. Follow/unfollow Instagram accounts. How do you even have the time?!

9. Power hungry tram ticket inspectors that get a buzz off giving people fines and ruining their day. Also applies for traffic wardens. Please find a hobby and learn to enjoy something other than other people’s misery.

10. People who mess up makeup products in Boots/Superdrug when there’s a perfectly good tester sample RIGHT THERE.

11. Parents who assume the world revolves around their kids. Don’t like the lush messaging on their packaging? Don’t buy it for your kids because guess what… it’s not designed for them anyway. BORING.

12. Foundations that describe themselves as ‘hydrating’, ‘glowy’ and ‘radiant’ but in actual fact make your face look like a dry, crusty mess that makes you want to throw up everytime you catch sight of your own reflection.

What are your pet hates you wish we could ban from 2017? What would you put in room 101?