Goodbye 2016: A Year In Review


Ahhhh 2016 you’ve been a funny one haven’t you? I’m just gonna tell you a little story from the other day that I feel is kind’ve an accurate metaphor for this past year.

So I was eating some pizza (chorizo, highly recommend), loving life. It was massive but I tackled it like the greedy, determined bitch I am. Cut to 2 hours later where I’m struck with some sort of bug (potentially food poisoning but HOW do you even get that off pizza??), spewing my guts up and bed bound for a couple of days.

And that’s basically how 2016 has gone for me. There’s been some incredible times, don’t get me wrong.

I moved out of mum & dad’s, into my own place (well, not my own because LOL who has 30k for a deposit – but a rented place I can call mine for now). I gained independence and I guess responsibility – bills aint gonna pay ’emselves y’know!

I worked hard. I worked hard for a lot of things not to go through, for someone else’s idea to be picked, to hear “no budget soz”, which are all common in my industry. But things finally started moving, and now I’m going into 2017 with a TV ad to shoot and another really exciting charity project on the way, potentially two.

2016 is the year I got braces (read about that here), which I’m bittersweet about. My teeth are changing already, and I’m excited for the end result, but I hate the process and having to do it so late in life and pay for the privilege feels like and extra ‘lil punch in the guts. Also can confirm being sick when you have braces is the single most disgusting thing on the planet. 100% do not recommend.

But 2016 has also been a year of failing.

Failure to lose weight (in fact, probably success in weight gain). Failure to read more. Failure to establish a proper evening routine so I don’t hate the world every single day. Failure to travel as much as I’d like to. Failure to blog as frequently as I want. Failure to escape my overdraft despite months of scrimping.

It’s been a sad year. Not so much a personal level, luckily, but for the world. For the future. A lot of things are so uncertain, and scary, and I hate what we’re doing to each other and the planet.

2016 has been a weird one. Really weird, but I go into 2017 wanting more.

I want to work even harder. In my career, at blogging, at improving my cooking skills. I want 2017 to be the year I learn to love the gym. I want to spend more time with family, more time with friends. And I still want to read more – but we’ll see about that.

2016, you’ve been a funny one. And I personally can’t wait to see the back of ya.