A Blogging Birthday: Two Years of Blogging

blog birthday 2 years

Today this little blog of mine turns 2. TWO years I’ve been tapping away at the keyboard, trying to master the flat lay and instagramming endless cups of coffee.

I don’t have the biggest following, and I don’t always post consistently. I don’t have a ‘defined’ schedule with set days for set topics. But I’ve found something I enjoy, that I’ve actually stuck to for two whole years and that in itself is an achievement.

I wanted to do a big makeup/lifestyle/stationery giveaway to mark the occasion but LOL electricity bills and Christmas presents and tram fees exist so soz but that’ll have to wait until 2017 when I’ve hopefully snagged a cheeky pay rise or won the lottery.

(I do, however, have a Cornerstone shaving gift set giveaway running ATM which is such a nice little gift for the fellas AND it’s personalised so what more dya need in life?!?! Check out details here.)

But I guess I anted to say thank you. Thank you for sticking ith me, for reading my posts and leaving comments and being really bloody great.

Thank you for supporting me. For replying to my teets and commenting on my Instagram posts.

And while I wouldn’t yet class myself as anywhere near ‘successful’, when I first picked up my laptop and created an account on blogger I had no idea if I’d still be doing it in two months time, never mind two years.

And I think that in itself is an achievement. So thank you for being there, and supporting me. You da best <3