Choosing an advent calendar

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I know, I know, I’m about to utter the C-word in October (NOPE, not that C-word… I’m talking Christmas). Advent calendars have blown UP the past few years, but until this year I haven’t got involved in the everything-but-chocolate trend. Sure, the Charlotte Tilbury one looks beautiful, and the LUSH one would be a perfect treat, but due to being on placements I just couldn’t justify the spend.

Tbh, I probably still can’t justify the spend because HI BILLS AND RENT AND ADULT STUFF, but last year I really regretted not grabbing a beauty advent calendar and by the time I decided to pursue one they were all sold out. I got over it, obvs, but this year I was determined to bag myself a good’en.

Choosing an advent calendar is hard. Hard in the MOST first world problem way it can be, but still, HOW CAN I CHOOSE??? From gin and toffee to skincare and candles, almost anything you can imagine is in an advent calendar.

And while I absolutely adore Kiehl’s skincare, and would have loved to sample some Diptyque candles, I decided early on that I wanted variety in the advent calendar I chose. Variety, quality and things I genuinely want to try and use. It’s easy to get swayed by the “£270025902308 worth of products for £75” claims, but unless you’re going to use the products, it’s a waste of money.

The ASOS advent calendar looks gorgeous with its marble design and £50 price tag, but I wasn’t interested in every single product which for me was a red flag. The Look Fantastic calendar is again one I just can’t justify the price of because its contents are secret – great if you want a surprise every day of December, but personally I need to know it’s worth it.

Which is where the Selfridges Beauty Advent Calendar comes in. Oh hey there BAE.

The Selfridges Advent Calendar really stood out, because not only does it contain a wide range of stuff (think perfumes, mascaras, skincare, haircare), it also listed exactly what was included so I know for sure I’ll use all of the products. Of course there’s no guarantee that I’ll love everything, but having an interest in the first place is a start. I’ll still get to discover new products I probably wouldn’t have tried myself, and if I don’t like them at least I haven’t spent money on the full size.

I’m really excited to start opening the advent calendar (not sure I’ll be able to wait until December though, ARGH) now, and I’m so glad I was able to get my first choice. The Selfridges calendar has such a wide variety of samples, all a decent size, which to me justifies its heart stopping £95 price tag. (sort of) (I’m sure I’ll be crying when I’m on beans at the end of the month).

Have you bought a beauty/skin/candle/bath/etc advent calendar this year? Which did you choose? Let’s discuss BECAUSE ADVENT CALENDARS REALLY EXCITE ME OKAY?