An Autumn Wishlist (aka Things I’d Buy if I Wasn’t Skint)

Y’know how it is, as soon as you have no money every shop suddenly gets in the most amazing autumn stock and you can’t afford any of it. None. Not even a bloody keyring.

I’ve spoken a lot about how I’m trying to save money, but it doesn’t stop me window shopping anyway. SLASH teasing myself/wanting to cry at all the things I could have owned but can’t. Bloody student overdrafts.

Autumn has come around pretty bleedin’ fast this year, I barely have time to keep up never mind update my wardrobe at the same time. Suddenly it’s all cosy jumpers and lovely embroidered tops and the BEST jackets. I need it all. Alas.

So I’ve put together a little wish list of goodies in the hope of inspiring you to make some purchases so I can live vicariously through you and pretend its the same as going shopping myself. (Spoiler: it’s not. SOB.)


autumn wishlist clothes accessories high street affordable new season AW16 fall


I’m just hoping I come into some money soon so I can blow it all on burgundy everything/new slogan sweatshirts/boots/scarves/seasonal lipstick. And while we’re at it, some studio lights so I can actually take some half decent photos this winter.

My personal faves are the camel Boohoo coat, the embroidered leather skirt, burgundy beanie and that western belt. Oooh and the stripy shirt dress. And the adidas gazelles. And the blush pink bag. In fact just gimme it all actually, PLZ and thank you.

Special shoutout to Martha for the design inspo and for teaching me how to make a shoppable list! What a star.



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