My 6 Favourite Homeware Shops in the UK

favourite homeware shops uk

I’ve always been keen on homeware. I mean duh, have you been on Pinterest? I NEED IT ALL. But since I moved into my flat I’ve become obsessed with making it my own. Which means it’s now covered in black frames, white furniture, and copper everything. Because I’m basic AF and I don’t care who knows.

Homeware shopping is one of the little joys in life (until my bank account does a ‘lil weep like, “um hey Laura, you don’t earn enough to sustain these habits”). M’bad.

Here are my favourite places to scout out some cute ‘lil homeware BAEs.


H&M Home

OBVIOUSLY. H&M Home is the Queen of copper, geometric patterns, and pineapple everything. I’m p sure my flat is 80% H&M Home, because it’s gorgeous, not too expensive and they constantly update their new in section and I can’t say no. Also, a lot of people complain about their delivery service but I’ve never had a problem at all, it’s always arrived quickly for me.



There’s a lot to root through, especially online, but there’s quite a few hidden homeware gems in Tesco. I got all the glasses for the flat here for £1.50 each, and I also got our copper lamps for £12. Not really homeware, but their stationary section is particularly on point atm. Just a side note in case you definitely absolutely don’t  DO need even more stationary like me.



Sainsbury’s nail homeware. All their pieces are amazing and look like they’ve come straight from Oliver Bonas or Tiger. They  don’t have tons, and it’s really awkward to order online because you basically have to put it in with a grocery order and 9 times out of 10 they won’t have it in your local store. HOWEVER it’s all very on trend and really affordable. A highlight is their throws which all cost around £14, all gorgeous and great quality.


George Home

Okay can you tell I like supermarket homeware?? Asda do some amazing stuff. I bought all our towels from here, because they do these huge fluffy bath sheets basically make you feel like you’re getting a hug every time you leave the shower. Good times. They also do some lovely bedding, and you can pick up the Yankee Candle simple range for cheap here too.



This one is an old favourite, from the days back where I’d buy all my household cleaning products for as cheap as I could, plus some pick n mix before I’d spend the rest of my student loan on booze and new clothes. So shoutout to Wilko for allowing me to be frivolous while making sure I actually owned washing up liquid and shower cleaner. Not that it got used much, but let’s skim over that.

The homeware can be hit and miss, but you can usually find some nice vases and fake flowers. The kitchen section is the best bit, and it’s where I got the majority of our crockery and cookware from, plus some baking bits and bobs I’ve yet to actually use. Oops.



A new discovery of mine, Typo have some really quirky bits and bobs without price tags that make you wanna die. There’s tons of marble, copper and geometric items, as well as cute stationary and monogrammed accessories.