4 Favourite Autumn Scents

autumn candles wax melts yankee soy next

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons. The basic bitch in me gets SO excited at the prospect of new Starbucks drinks, berry lipstick and stocking the fridge up with toffee apple cider. YAAAAS.

As I write this, my suitcase lies half packed in the other room ready for my holiday. It feels a bit daft writing about Autumn but I’m just so bloody excited because candles. So yep. Soz if this is a bit premature.

I love candles all year round. Doesn’t everyone? But there’s something extra great about candles when the weather gets colder. It’s cosy, and I love filling the house with amazing food-y smells that don’t ever come from my actual oven. Frozen food 4 lyf.

Here’s my 4 favourite scents of the season:



Next Sandalwood & Amber

I bought this candle back in spring, before I moved into the flat. I’m not gonna lie, the purchase was 99.9% influenced by the gorgeous copper cut out holder the candle comes in. Because, um, hello have you seen it?!? Homeware goals.

The scent of this candle is absolutely gorgeous. It’s one of those fragrances that could easily be a perfume, and completely fills the room it’s in. Unfortunately I can’t find it online anymore, but they do have a Midnight Patchouli & Amber scent for this season. I’m definitely going to be purchasing more Next candles, they’re such high quality and burn so cleanly and evenly.


Simply Home Yankee Cherry Vanilla Votive

I’m obsessed with vanilla. Vanilla ice cream, vanilla fabric softener, vanilla shower gel, vanilla candles. Anything vanilla and you can guarantee I love it, and this candle isn’t any different. The addition of cherry instantly makes the fragrance more autumnal, and as it’s part of the ‘simply home’ range it’s quite cheap.

I have a little Yankee Votive holder I was given as a housewarming gift, so this fits perfectly. I usually leave one burning all day on the weekend – the votives last around 15 hours each so it’s great for a saturday when I’m just faffing around the house.


Yankee Candle Mandarin Cranberry Wax Melt

Wax melts are my favourite way to fragrance my home. They’re usually a lot cheaper than candles, and the scent lasts a similar amount of time despite their tiny size. In fact, I struggle to use all the scent before I get bored and want to change it up.

This mandarin cranberry melt by Yankee is such a fresh fragrance, yet feels so cosy and festive. It really reminds me of the christmas markets for some reason, and brings back such lovely memories like only a fragrance can.


Made With A Smile Christmas Cabin Soy Melt

I’ve written before about Made With A Smile wax melts, and it’s still the brand I burn most often. They’re such high quality and such a low price, I absolutely adore them.

Okay, I know this post is titled ‘autumn scents’, but I couldn’t resist chucking a christmassy smell in here too. This wax melt is gorgeous, it has a hint of spice which fills the room. It takes me straight back to last year when I burned this constantly, although this is my last one so I’m waiting patiently for the Christmas scents to restock!


What are your favourite scents for Autumn? Let me know below, I could do with the excuse to restock.