10 From NYX: Yay or Nay?

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It’s been quite a while since NYX landed on UK shores, and like the entire female population I went mad for it. Because have you seen the price?? And quality?? And product range?? It’s amazing.

In the past few months I’ve built up quite a collection, from base products to lips. So today I’m going to be talking about 10 products, and whether I rate them or not. Let’s crack on shall we?


HD Finishing Powder – link

I’d heard some really great things about this powder, so when my last pressed powder ran out I was straight at the NYX stand. It’s very fine, and leaves an airbrushed finish that isn’t cakey or noticeable in the slightest. It sets makeup in place well and lasts the day, although I usually keep it to hand for when the UK decides to actually have a summer. Because let’s be honest NOTHING is going to last all day on this sweaty face without a top up!


Yay or Nay?: YAY!

I love this product, it leaves skin looking perfect and lasts all day.


HD Concealer – link

I’m actually really divided on this product. While it’s great as an undereye concealer, when used anywhere else it goes very cakey after a couple of hours. You know when you leave the house looking ON POINT, only to look in the mirror at lunchtime and see a horror show starring back? Well that. Under the eyes it does a good job, and while I loved it at first there are products in my collection I always reach for over this.

Yay or Nay?: NAY

As I mentioned above, there are products I reach for a lot more often than this which I think speaks for itself. It is a really nice under eye concealer, but I have others I prefer much more and so for that reason it’s a no. Don’t be put off though, there are a lot of people who rave about it. I think like a lot of concealer/base products you really do have to try it for yourself. Not awful, not amazing.


Above & Beyond Full Coverage Concealer – link

Now THIS, this is an amazing product. It’s great for harder to cover spots/redness, and one I always reach for on a night out. It’s creamy without being greasy, and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin despite being full coverage.

Yay or Nay?: YAY!

YES everytime. Great little product.


Above & Beyond Full Coverage Concealer in Green – link

Colour correcting has become big over the past couple of years, and watching tutorials on Youtube it’s clear to see why. For mere mortals like me however, I find it awkward and unnecessary. The results are obviously amazing, but I’m not skilled enough to properly do it and end up frustrated. This product is the same as the above, so the consistency and texture are great. I do however find it difficult to use as once I try and go over the green with a regular concealer or foundation it rubs away and undoes the whole thing.

Yay or Nay?: NAY

This one is unfortunately a no from me. Colour correcting is quite an advanced skill and one I rarely attempt. If you’ve already mastered it I’m sure this product would be great, but from an everyday perspective I find it far too fiddly.

10 NYX products favourites

HD Studio Photogenic Primer Base – link

Okay so first up, this product is green. It’s not quite witch for halloween green, but it’s green nonetheless. That startled me a bit at first. It smells great, and leaves skin with a lovely silky texture for foundation to adhere to. I do feel like the green tone brightens up my face, and my makeup always lasts much longer when I’ve used this primer.

Yay or Nay?: YAY!

Possibly my favourite NYX product so far, it’s a tie between this and the HD powder. I love the difference it makes to the longevity of my makeup, and the finish it leaves on my skin before I’ve even applied my base.


Tame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomade in ‘Espresso’ – link

We’ve all heard of the infamous Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, and while it isn’t the most expensive product in the world it is quite a lot for a product that dries up quickly. I purchased this NYX dupe when my latest ABH was running out. It’s a good little product, but not great. The colour range is what really lets this product down. There’s only 5 shades, so finding one of the right shade and tone is difficult. I have Espresso, which is warmer in tone than I like. It’s also quite greasy, and I don’t feel like it lasts as long as the ABH Pomade.

Yay or Nay?: NAY

It’s not awful, and if you can find a shade to suit you then I’m sure it’s much better. I personally much prefer the Freedom Brow Pomade as it’s a much creamier and nicer texture and lasts a lot longer too.

lip products NYX cosmetics soft matte lip cream

Lip Lingerie Cream Liquid Lipstick in ’08 Bedtime Flirt’  – link

These unfortunately aren’t stocked in my local branch, so I only currently have one as I didn’t want to go wild without actually seeing the shades. Like, hi, have you ever ordered things online and they’ve been the exact same colour in real life? Because nope, me neither. I’ll start by saying I love this. The shade is a great, wearable nude that dries down into a matte texture. It’s drying on the lips, of course, because it’s a liquid lipstick… but not so drying it’s unbearable. I expected the formula to be a lot runnier, instead it’s very creamy and not all too different from the Liquid Suede range NYX do. The doe foot applicator is a long one which I absolutely love, it makes the product so easy to apply.

Yay or Nay?: YAY!

A definite yes. A gorgeous product I can’t wait to collect more of.


Soft Matte Lip Cream in shades ‘Stockholm’, ‘Antwerp’ and ‘Cannes’ – link

Less matte than the Lip Lingerie and a lot less drying, the Soft Matte Lip Creams are a lovely texture and come in a range of colours. They’re very creamy but do dry down, although not fully and there is still some transfer. It also doesn’t last anywhere near as long as the Lip Lingerie, but then again it’s far more wearable so perfect for a day in the office when you can just top up at lunch. They do dry up quite quickly in the tube, but it’s not too much of an issue at £5.50 each.

Yay or Nay?: A mix

I love the formula, and I think Stockholm and Cannes are such lovely, wearable, everyday shades. Antwerp however looks nothing like the colour of the bottle – I assumed it would be much more muted than the bright pink it actually is. I think swatching the shades is really important with this line, just because the bottles are coloured rather than see through and that colour isn’t very true to shade.


swatches of nyx soft matte lip cream antwerp cannes stockholm