12 Things I’ve learnt Since I Moved Out

moved out things I've learnt

It’s been almost 5 months since I moved out of hotel of mum & dad and into my own flat. Which means 5 months of Deliveroo, staying in bed as long as I like, and doing the housework on my own schedule. Oh and all the snacks.

I’ve also learnt quite a lot, so here’s 12 of them in no particular order.


1. I have to clean whaaaaat? Things like skirting boards and the grouting between the bathroom tiles and the pole that the shower slides up and the inside of the cutlery tray. Who knew?


2. It’s SO easy to order Deliveroo and Just Eat every night. Then suddenly it’s been 3 weeks since you visited a supermarket and you’ve accidentally gained a stone due to lack of vegetables. Maybe mum was right about that whole nutrition thing.


3. But it’s also really nice to do your own food shop and buy exactly what you want. 10 pints of pineapple juice? Yes please. A gazillion packets of pasta n sauce macaroni cheese? Come at me.


4. Housework is really bloody hard. Getting in and doing nothing is great until you have double to do the next day. Plz can cleaning fairies become a thing???


5. Keeping on top of bills is SO important. Because unless you wanna be in the middle of a hungover dominoes order and have your card declined, you’ve gotta pay that shit. My personal preference is chucking a standing order in the joint bills account so I don’t have to pick electricity over diet coke.


6. City centre living is THE BEST. Everything is on the doorstep and tbh I don’t ever want to move to a semi in a suburb. Na-ah. Except *maybe* if I can get a dog. Maybe.


7. The candle obsession I thought couldn’t get bigger… well it’s got bigger. I check out the candle section in every shop that has one.. and I have several bowls of different scents waiting to be burnt at home. But let’s be honest is life even worth it if you can’t make your home smell like perfume?? Nope.


8. I suddenly understand why my dad spent my entire teenage years turning lights off behind me and nagging about my long showers. Because bills are boring and add up fast. FAST.


9. There’s nothing better than a Sunday morning lie in with breakfast in bed. Not even a saturday night drinking cocktails. 20 year old me would be so disappointed.


10. Slow cookers are a really good investment.


11. So are George Foreman grills. Bacon on one of those guys is just <3 <3 <3.


12. Kitting out a home is insanely fun, but you will want to rip out and redo everything every time you go on Pinterest. Because OMG how well do yellow and grey go together? NEED.



What did you learn when you moved out? Let me know below!