A Rebrand: WP Migration & Pipdig Review

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So you may have noticed some changes around here. I’ve been umming and ahhing with a rebrand for a while now, but you know when something just seems complicated so you don’t bother? That.

The more I read about it, the more the whole process seemed complicated and daunting to the point I just didn’t do anything despite having a brand spanking new URL just sat there waiting to be used.

Anyway, here’s a ‘lil post on how I found the whole process and honestly, I¬†should have just calmed these tits and got on with it because it was so easy. SO easy.

Migrating To WordPress

Blogger to WordPress migration is something that I see discussed a lot, and originally I didn’t see the appeal. I was happy with Blogger; it was free, it allowed me to post what I wanted and how I wanted. It was only when I wanted to update my theme that I ran into issues with Blogger – there was so much I couldn’t do, and it was also becoming really pricey just to add a couple of extra features. I’m talking a new navbar and a different post slider, that’s it.

Anyway during the process of getting quotes for my Blogger theme update, I asked several people (mainly theme designers/coders) for advice and every single one of them said WordPress would be better for me. I’ll admit, I was sceptical, but so many people raved about the pros of WordPress I figured I might as well make the switch and get a new theme while I was at it, instead of updating my Blogger theme and it costing me more down the line if I eventually switched to WordPress anyway.

I had a quick google re: migrating to WordPress, and honestly I think if you have any sort of technical knowledge or are generally good with computers it’d be possible to do yourself without too much trouble. I’m not great in the old IT skills dept, so I thought it best to leave it to a professional. Which is where Pipdig comes in.

I bought my last theme from Pipdig and couldn’t fault it, the service is great (seriously HOW does one guy respond so quickly to everyone?!) and the theme was professional and well designed. This time I purchased the WordPress Migration service, where Phil transferred my blog over to WordPress and also switched my domain name to my new one. Despite being mad busy, Phil had me all set up within a few days and it was completely pain free on my end.

I also purchased a new WordPress theme from Phil and so far I’ve found it has so many more options than my Blogger theme has – I can actually change things myself without having to pester Phil to edit the code for me!


As I mentioned before, I never really considered WordPress before and was sceptical whether it was that much different to Blogger.

I’ve been on this platform less than a week now and I’m already noticing the difference. The widgets make customising my blog incredibly easy, while the theme customiser means I can make huge layout changes just by ticking a box – changing post sliders, adding different thumbnails and categories, changing the placement of social media feeds.

Plugins are something I’m still getting my head around, as there was nothing like them in Blogger at all. Currently I have the W3 Total Cache plugin which reduces page load speeds, Yoast SEO plugin to help boost SEO of each post, and the WP to Twitter plugin which posts a tweet every time I publish a new post – and anything that involves less tweet scheduling is a winner in my books!


I’ve been wanting to switch my domain name for a while now. Shortsoul.com was something I found awkward for people to understand in my accent, didn’t make much sense, and honestly a bit cringe.

When deciding on a new blog name, I wanted something that I wouldn’t get bored or become embarrassed by. My name, although not the most exciting, is something unlikely to change any time soon nor is it something I’ll be embarrassed by in a years time.

I managed to get myself the handle on twitter, instagram and pinterest, so I can smile smugly now when I read blog posts advising me to have the same ‘brand’ across everything. Bangin.

The Costs

I won’t lie, having a rebrand is going to involve some costs from the outset; but with some planning and research it can be done without your bank account crying actual tears.

For me the biggest cost was the WordPress Migration. As I mentioned before, if you’re competent with computers this is something you could do yourself to save on costs – there’s tons of tutorials online that take you through it step by step. I bought the WordPress Migration from Pipdig plus a theme, which saved me money as there are deals available when you buy both.

Another cost is hosting. As WordPress.org is self hosted, you need to pay for a web hosting package which is something you don’t need to think about or pay for with Blogger.

I purchased my web hosting from Siteground. I got the basic package, but there’s options to upgrade if and when I need to. The one thing I will point out though is that although listing the price as ‘per month’, you actually have to pay it all as one upfront fee. Although it still isn’t ridiculously expensive, it is something to consider as it does affect the initial costs as opposed to being a couple of quid a month that you barely notice.

Recommend or nah?

The experience of moving to WordPress self hosted has been so pain free. My new blog was up and running within a few days, with a new domain and a brand new theme that not only looks great but has so many options to customise should I decide I want something different further down the line.

I’m so happy with my new website, it looks great and I have a new name that I’ll be happy to share with people. It’s inspired me so much to create new content, and I’m hoping it’ll help me to become more motivated to keep to a schedule.

Working with Pipdig has again been so straightforward, he responds quickly to emails, kept me updated on the process and fixed any issues or requests within a few hours. If you’re looking for a new theme or to migrate to WP, I can’t recommend him enough.