Homeware Wishlist: The Lounge Edit

It’s now officially two days until the move, I still have a shit ton of thing to buy – including all the decorative stuff (read: fun) that will make it our own. Because that’s the thing with rented accommodation isn’t it? You can fill the cupboards with whatever you like and buy all the matching hangers you want, but it doesn’t really feel like home until you’ve scattered some cushions and framed some bloody prints does it?

So this is me, giving you my lounge wishlist and hoping that by the time moving day comes, these things will actually look good in the flat and match one another. We have only seen the place once after all.

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1) Cotton Cushion Cover, H&M £6.99 – link
2) Hand Blown Glass Lantern, Next £28 – link
3) Betty Jackson Set of 3 Black & White Vases on Tray, Debenhams £22 – link
4) Butterfly Home Set of 3 Print Candles, Debenhams £10 – link
5) White Pattern Frame, Paperchase £18 – link
6) Zig Zag Jar with Ceramic Lid, £3 – link
7) Home Metal LED Lights, £12 – link
8) Patterned Cushion Cover, H&M £7.99 – link
9) Trigg Large Hanging Wall Vessel, Urban Outfitters £25 – link
10) Cloud Shelf, Urban Outfitters £30 – link
11) Large Wooden Hanging Wall Clock, Matalan £25 – link
12)Wood Handle Magazine Holder, Urban Outfitters £30 – link
13)Brooklyn Side Table, George Home £39 – link