A New Home

As I’m typing this I’m sat on our new sofa, in our new living room, looking at the boxes piled around me. I was hoping things would look more ‘finished’ by now and wondering if maybe just having two days to get things straight was a bit too ambitious. Alas.

I did start typing up my weekly favourites, but then my bullet point about the move became, errr, not so bullet pointy and more of an essay. Figured I might as well give it its own post if I was so intent on rambling. So here we are.

I think the main thing that’s struck me so far is that it still doesn’t feel real. I still feel like it’s a hotel we’re in, or an apartment we’re renting for a weekend. It’ll feel more like home the more we unpack, the more ‘us’ we put into it. I think we’ve been looking forward to it for so long, dreaming of it, and now it’s happened. It doesn’t feel it yet, but it’s real. And I’m so happy.

We spend Friday shifting Danny’s stuff,  and my mum brought over some essentials for our first night. Saturday was spent moving the rest of my stuff (I own a lot, apaz), and then Sunday was spent in ikea, doing our first food shop (we spent £80 in Aldi and I’m still a little bit in shock that that’s even possible. Like, u sure mate? Maybe some things scanned twice??) and putting up said ikea furniture. The last one was more Danny than me admittedly, but I did swoop in and save the day when he messed up the drawer runners. It was like in a relay race when the last one gets the best credit because they ran over the finish line. I like to think it was anyway.

Today I’m off work. I booked the day off with the intention of sorting some stuff out, maybe some last minute finishing touches and online cushion/print shopping. How naive I was. 

I’m getting there, slowly. My dressing table is built but I forgot to order some little compartment things to pop in the drawer (I went for the ikea malm dresser because OBVIOUSLY I’m predictable AF).  I’ve ran out of coat hangers AGAIN, I can’t decide where my skincare should go now I’ve realised there isn’t room for the shelves I wanted in our dressing-room-come-man-cave, and I’m still surrounded by boxes of stuff that doesn’t have a place. I also can’t decide where to put all the candles I’ve bought. First world problems and all that. (NAH but actually do you know what’s an actual problem? Having to wash my boyfriends hockey kit that smelt a *bit* like an animal had curled up and died inside his kit bag. Fo real.)

Oh, and we also have hot water after  several days without it. Turns out we’re terrible at adulting, luckily I have a plumber friend who sorted it in no time. What a star.

I don’t yet know when it’ll feel like ours, or when it’ll feel finished. But what I do know, already, is how amazing it feels to have somewhere we can do whatever we want, decorate how we want, eat what we want. And have the heating at the temperature we want – until the first utility bill lands that is. LOL.