10 Blog Posts You Need To Read This Week

Today I’m talking about my favourite blog posts of the week. Things I’ve read that have made me laugh, made me question things, added to my ever growing wishlist of items I most definitely don’t need but will probably purchase anyway. Just good posts.

Excuse the sort of irrelevant photo there. I WAS eating fudge and drinking a brew while I scrolled my Bloglovin’ feed, but still, not the most exciting to look at so m’bad.

So here’s my ‘lil roundup so you guys can get in on the action too.

30 Clean Eating Snack Ideas by The Sunday Chapter – I’m not one for ‘clean eating’, but I am looking for healthier snacks that will assist my MyFitnessPal journey without making me want to do all the mascara sobs before binging on all the chocolate. So yeah, if you’re after  healthy snacks there’s loads in this post that make me want to run to the kitchen and start baking immediately.

Why Baggage Is Too Heavy by Vix Meldrew – A really thought provoking post and one I’ve not seen covered much before. An interesting read.

Thoughts On Relationship Shaming by Martha Jane Music – The other side of the ‘I hate valentines’ coin, Martha discusses being shamed for being in a relationship. Something I’ve seen occur so much recently, especially on social media.

16 Struggles You’ll Only Understand If You Use MyFitnessPal by xAmeliax – This just perfectly sums up my life right now. Except, y’know, my weightloss hasn’t been so effective yet. WAH.

5 of My Favourite Holiday Destinations of All Time by Hannah Gale –  DO NOT read this, unless you want all of the holiday envy/wanderlust. I mentioned in my This Year I’m Doing More post that I want to get away more this year, even just for the odd weekend, and while this hasn’t been possible so far (moving took priority) Hannah’s post has reminded me how important it is to get away. Currently eyeing up Mykonos for a late summer break.

Why I Really Love Weekend Breaks by Sophie Cliff – Following on from above, Sophie’s post about weekend breaks makes me want to frivolously book a trip NOW. As in, oops might have already booked one because my hands slipped on the keyboard. (I haven’t really, because I have pans and cutlery to buy first, BUT I WILL DO.)

The Problem With Drugstore Foundation by Jasmine Talks Beauty – Not a new post this week, but Jasmine’s article about drugstore foundation and more specifically the lack of shades available really opened my eyes to how much of an issue this is in the UK. I’ve never really had trouble finding a match in drugstore foundation, but it’s ridiculous that in 2016 a majority of girls do. I’m eagerly anticipating the brands’ responses.

Game-Changing Beauty Products by The Only Ones – I mentioned in my 9 Amazing Blogs I Read On The Reg post that I’m a big fan of Natalie’s blog. She always gives such good recommendations, her makeup is flawless and she seems to have a similar skin tone and tastes to my own. Another great post that makes me want to do all the naughty things to my bank balance.

The Beginners Guide To Pinterest by Jasmin Charlotte – Pinterest is still a platform I’m finding my feet with, so I love posts that help me to improve my pinterest game without being too complicated.

Three Ways To Create A Smoky Eye by Dreaming Pretty – A really useful but beautiful-as-ever post by Amanda. I love that this covers an easy, everyday look as well as different shade and formula recommendations.

Have you seen any great blog posts this week? Chuck ’em my way!